Monday, March 23, 2009

Verso Casual Italian = Dinner Rolls!

After seeing several positive reviews of the new Verso Casual Italian restaurant in Parma, I wanted to check it out for myself. I now have, twice. I would have to say that it is reasonably priced and better than your average Italian delivery joint, but it did not quite satisfy my craving. I first ordered their gnoochi with vodka sauce, which was a little sweet for my taste but the portion was perfect and gnocchi was cooked to doughy perfection. My second try brought rigatoni with bolognese sauce, which was watery and too sweet (again). This is also my personal opinion about their pizza sauce, but the crust is out of this world. Which leads me to the dinner rolls. Each "Large Plate" as the pasta options are called on the menu include a side salad (fresh assortment of greens, vegetables and shredded cheese) and a dinner roll. Let me just say that next time I may consider ordering a dozen rolls instead of a meal! Now I have always been a carb-o-holic, but these buttery rolled dough balls are just heaven. My partner-in-crime "R" ordered a peperoni roll made from this same delicious crust, yum! Many of you may not know, but Verso Casual Italian was formally Holiday Pizza. They have now moved up the road in Parma and changed names. The location is definitely a step up, and they seem to be doing well. I recommend this restaurant for a night that you are seeking reasonably-priced comfort food with low expectations. Just remember to order a dinner roll!

Verso Casual Italian
5869 Broadview Rd.
Parma, OH 44134