About Me

I can't cook. I wish I was exaggerating. I am the girl that burns water out of a pot and ruins it, sets the fire alarm off by making toast, and uses a knife very slowly- "just in case." Seriously, several times in high school I would be home alone, left to fend for myself at dinnertime, and the end result would be boiling water out of the pot and burning the heck out of it. Ruining my mother’s pots and pans, and then sneaking them into the trunk of my car to discard away from home. Sorry, Mom (this is the first that she’s hearing about this). My college roommates banned me from the kitchen after I set the fire alarm off in our apartment building while using the toaster oven…twice.

In 2007, I met my husband (fondly referred to as Mr. H) while celebrating a college friend’s bachelorette party in Put-in-Bay. Yes, true story. The one night immediately turned into a brief long-distance relationship, and then I up and moved from NY to OH to follow my heart.

Luckily, I had landed in Cleveland—a booming culinary scene just waiting to be explored.

Join me as I dine at the best (and maybe sometimes the worst) that Cleveland's independent restaurants have to offer. I’ll share restaurant reviews, event promotions and recaps, product reviews, giveaways, and more. You can search by Restaurant Name or Neighborhood/Cities on the Restaurants Reviewed page.

Enjoy, and thanks for exploring with me all that Cleveland has to offer! This blog is my little "bite" of Northeast Ohio.