Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Supporting Black-owned Local Restaurants

There are some powerful things happening in our country, and our city, right now that need attention, and more importantly...action.

I have posted a few things on my social media accounts that resonated with me, but what has felt more authentic is to take action in my personal life. Conversation is important, but it's already been happening. It's taking action that will have true impact moving forward.

However, I wanted to use my platform to call attention to some great black-owned businesses. I'm re-sharing a handful of past blog posts below of local restaurants in Northeast Ohio, and highlighting a few that were either already on my mental "list" to try or have recently caught my attention that I'm committing to visiting soon. Thanks to the foodie community online, I've been able to see and add several new restaurant accounts to my feed recently!

Past Posts:
Kelly Catering Co. Carry Out
Irie Jamaican Kitchen
Johnny Mango World Café
The Rib Cage Bar and Grille
Sauce the City
Taste of Jamaica
Capo Steaks (coming soon!)

Coming Up:
The Crispy Chick
Dreamz Café
Battiste and Dupree Cajun Grill
Zanzibar Soul Fusion
Black Box Fix
Elite Bistro
Brooklyn Soulfood & More

Unfortunately, in looking through my 1,000+ past blog posts, several of the black-owned restaurants that I've dined at in the past have since closed. Local restaurants need our support more than ever right now, so please consider ordering takeout, having any small gatherings catered, or dining in as you feel comfortable.

There are some fantastic lists compiled by The Cleveland Bucket List and Cleveland Scene of black-owned restaurants in Northeast Ohio that you need to check out. Commit to supporting new-to-you businesses and remain loyal to the ones you already loved.

Please leave other restaurant suggestions in the comments below, or share how you are taking action in our community to impact change.