Friday, April 10, 2009

Gift Certificate Sale!

Each quarter, member restaurants of the Cleveland Independents offer a special gift certificate sale. $25 gift certificates are offered for $17.50 and $50 certificates are offered at $30 each. If you're not taking advantage of this deal, then you are missing out. It is a wonderful way to try that new restaurant you've been meaning to get to, or save some bucks dining at your favorite restaurant that you know you would have gone to anyway. They are good for 6 months, and totally worth getting up early in the morning on sale day. That's the only thing- set your alarm and get online as early as you can to be sure you get the ones you want. They go quickly! I have spent four quarters trying to get one to Three Birds, and I am determined to get one this time. So mark your calendar and set your alarm- they go on sale on Tuesday, April 14th!