Monday, June 1, 2009

Spectacular View, Food Just Satisfactory...

I've been looking forward to trying Pier W in Lakewood for some time now, and I have to admit that I am a little disappointed after our dining experience on Sunday night. While there is no contest that the restaurant has the best view in Cleveland (picture beautiful cliffs above Lake Erie and the downtown skyline twinkling in the distance), the food was kind of a let down.

We started with the BRAISED ANGUS BEEF SHORT RIB PIEROGIES served with Caramelized Cippolini Onion Jus. The angus beef was rich and savory and the pierogies' dough was heavenly, but the caramelized onion jus was overpowering and ruined the dish for me. We also sampled the HEARTH ROASTED BLUE HILL BAY MUSSELS with a Rustic Tomato and White Wine Broth. The broth was flavorful but the mussels didn't seem to absorb the broth as much as I would have liked. I almost didn't know that the dish was as good as it was until I took a spoonful of the broth. For my entree, I tried the FRESH LOBSTER PAPPARDELE (Chunks of Fresh Maine Lobster, Fresh Pappardele, Roasted Red Peppers, Haricot Verts, Light Cognac Cream Sauce), which was a little rich and heavy. The "chunks" of lobster were minuscule, but the haricot verts were a nice addition and added a slightly crunchy texture to the dish. Overall, it wasn't bad but I think that I would have been happier with the diver scallops or halibut dishes that I was eyeing up. One of my dining mates ordered the BASIL SEARED #1 HAWIIAN BIG EYE TUNA, served raw with a Potato and Leek Tart, Tomato Jam, Sweet Onion Coulis and Basil Oil. The fish was very fresh and tender. The basil leaves on top of the fish gave it a slight basil flavor, which was very light and complimented the tuna. The sweet onion coulis was flavorless and did not add anything to the dish. It should have remained in the kitchen. We finished with a Lake Erie goat cheese plate, Riesling Poached Granny Smith Apples with homemade cinnamon ice cream, and a Godiva White Chocolate cheesecake. The Poached Apples were unique and creative, but the cheesecake was only so-so. My favorite dessert was the cheese plate. The cheese boasted a "bloomy rind" that was soft and edible. Spread on a toasted piece of raisin nut bread and fruit jam, it was delicious!

While Pier W fell a little short, it is worth trying again and you can bet that I'll be back to give it another go. Maybe for their famous brunch this time...

Pier W
12700 Lake Avenue
Lakewood, OH 44107
(216) 228-2250

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