Friday, March 5, 2010

19 Chefs for Just $25- All for a good cause!

The BEST Cleveland Chefs Cooking to Bring Jewel Home From China

How often do we get to sample dishes from 19 of Cleveland's best chefs and restaurants for just $25? --- Umm, next to never.

How often can we dine on delicious samples, meet and mingle with some of our area's top chefs, and help a local chef's (Jeff Jarrett from North End in Hudson) family fufill their dream of adopting a second special needs child from China? --- That question, I know the answer to- never. Until now...

Join the Jarrett family and 19 of our top chefs as they cook for a great cause. You can help for only $25! The event is on Monday, March 22nd at the Cleveland Sight Center. You can make a reservation online through their event site (click on the link above), or by calling 330-353-4991.

Unable to attend? You can make an online contribution to support the family.

Hope to see you there!


Bite Buff said...

Make that 20! Chef Sawyer from the Greenhouse Tavern will be joining them.