Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Playing" in the Square

The other night I was invited to meet friends for happy hour at Bricco and then travel across the street to see Xanadu at Playhouse Square, which would be my first time (for both). How have I lived in Cleveland for over two years now and not made it to Playhouse Square before?! It's not that other shows haven't enticed me, but now that I've been- I'll certainly be back.

We started the evening with dinner and drinks at Bricco. I immediately liked the feel of the restaurant, and I luckily got a view of the street lit up by the theatre's twinkling bulbs. I decided on the Iceberg Wedge with a roasted garlic white french dressing, baby tomatoes, crispy prosciutto, hard boiled egg, and crumbled blue cheese. All of Bricco's salads come as a full or 1/2 portion option, which is great if you want to pair a half salad with something else. The 1/2 wedge was $4.5. I also ordered the Goat Cheese dip with spicy marinara and served with fried pita bread ($7). The dip was warm and pleasant, but the dish was called "goat cheese" and the dominant ingredient and flavor was certainly the marinara. I felt a little cheated, because I seriously LOVE goat cheese. At the end of the meal our checks came, and I realized that my glass of wine and two dishes only came to $19- a steal! I even had more than enough of the dip and pita chips left over to take home for lunch the next day.

We then wandered across the street for the show, which ended up being packed with laughs and great characters. The red-headed sister was my favorite! Xanadu is "Taking audiences back to 1980 California, this hilarious new musical follows the beautiful Kira, who travels to earth to inspire a struggling young artist named Sonny, as she helps this aspiring painter to find his voice, discover true love and build the world's first roller disco." I highly recommend checking it out while the show is still in town, and Bricco is a convenient place to dine beforehand!

1438 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44115
(216) 862-2889

Playhouse Square
1501 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44115
(216) 771-4444

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Joe Harvey said...

My wife and I have visited 2 of the 3 Briccos in the Akron area, and ALWAYS have the goat cheese / marinara dip. Sorry to hear yours was a bit shy on the cheese, ours has been consistently yummy... I also had their breakfast burger..adding a fried egg and bacon to a burger makes it a no-brainer...good eats!

Allison M. said...

I've been to Bricco a few times and it's normally only around shows for a quick bite before or after the show.

Bite Buff said...

It has now closed.