Friday, May 21, 2010

Blogger Dinner- Take 2

Eight fellow Cleveland bloggers and I gathered last night at Fahrenheit for our second "Blogger Dinner", which is becoming a fun monthly tradition. Even though this is only the second time (or first) that I have met several of these ladies, it struck me once again how quickly and easily we all get along. Of course, good food and flowing glasses of wine help (as you can see from the picture)! And for anyone that has ever dined at Fahrenheit, you know that Chef Rocco Whalen's restaurant never fails to deliver both.

Our fabulous dinner coordinator, Allison from Green Dog Wine, arrived early and scored us a great table on the patio. We all settled in with a glass of wine and started to look at the menu. I think several of us had a hard time deciding! Which is a good problem to have. I must have been in a brie mood, because each dish that I was looking at contained this ingredient. I decided on the Butter Poached Maine Lobster Pizza with French brie, roasted tomato, basil, chives, roasted garlic, and parmesan ($17). While it was delicious, I decided after a few bites that I really should have ordered my second option. I think I was in the mood for something lighter and not as carb-heavy. I know, I know- then I shouldn't have ordered a pizza. But I am a sucker for lobster. And since it was paired with brie, whole roasted garlic cloves, and basil- I couldn't resist. The pizza was larger and had a thicker crust than I remembered, so two pieces was more than enough. At least it made some leftovers for today!

We had a tasty meal, good wine, great stories, and lots of laughter. Many of us headed to The Flying Monkey across the street to continue the fun, and it quickly became midnight before any of us realized. Trust me- I am paying for it this morning. But it was worth it, and I can't wait until June!

Here is who was there:
Cleveland's A Plum
The Daily Balance
Green Dog Wine
All Lacquered Up
So I Married A Chef
Food 'N' Such
Life On Mars
Poise In Parma
...and of course myself!

2417 Professor Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 781-8858

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shannon (the daily balance) said...

SO FUN and so great to see you ;)

can't wait till next time!

Anonymous said...

It was great to talk "shop" with you on Thursday night! Funny how we share so many similar experiences with the same people - makes me glad to know I'm not the only one dealing with the crazies of the world on a regular basis! Can't wait for June - let me know if you want to hit up a south side happy hour with the boys!

Bite Buff said...


Big AL said...

I am glad you all had a good time at Fahrenheit. But consider the fact that the man you hailed, Rocco Whalen, although talented and creative in the kithcen, is NOT a kind man to work for let alone with.

All people need to be treated with dignity and respect. Rocco Whalen fails miserably in that regard. I am not a disgruntled employee or someone wronged by him. I have had this told to me by three individuals who have had contact with him.

This is the first time on your Blog for me. I like it very much. I linked in through "The cage Free Tomato."