Friday, June 18, 2010

Bistro on Lincoln Park

A very impromptu Happy Hour trip led us to Bistro on Lincoln Park in Tremont last night. Since former Blue Point Grille chef Pete Joyce and his wife opened the restaurant, it has been on my radar but we hadn't gotten over there yet. It even made my 2010 New Year's Resolution list of restaurants to try this year. So when a friend suggested grabbing dinner and drinks there, I immediately jumped at the chance. I took a peek at their Happy Hour menu online and realized that they had some great deals. All menu items are $5, signature drinks and house wine $5, and draft beer only $3. Tuesday through Thursday these prices are offered from 4:30-Close, which is almost unheard of.

Five of us gathered on the small sidewalk patio (only about 7 tables) facing Lincoln Park. With the sun shining, flowers blooming, chilled white wine flowing, and the Tremont foot traffic for people watching- it made for a relaxing and fun atmosphere.

"R" and I decided to share several of the small plates on the $5 Happy Hour menu:
Lamb Sliders- peppered aioli, micro fennel, homemade slider buns
Bruschetta- ohio chevre, roasted tomatoes, fresh basil (pictured above)
Mozzarella en Carozza- house made mozzarella and pesto, grilled cheese style, tomato coulis
Truffle Mac & Cheese- traditional elbows, creamy cheese sauce and truffled bread crumbs
Country Sausage Ragout- Italian sausage, mushrooms, creamy polenta

The lamb sliders were some of the most flavorful lamb meat that I have tasted. The blend of spices did this patty justice. The bruschetta was my favorite of the five, but that probably had a lot to do with the creamy chevre cheese. There was a perfect hint of summer in this dish. Both the mozzarella sandwich and the sausage ragout were strong dishes with a nice balance of flavor and textures. The only dish that I wasn't thrilled about was the mac & cheese. It almost took on a fishy flavor in my opinion. But this was the only selection that I would not order again.

When I went to use the restroom, I took a peek around the main dining room. I was a little put off that it was completely empty on a gorgeous Thursday evening, but I later realized that there were additional diners in the bar area. The restaurant is broken into several different areas, with stairs, walls, and hallways diving the sections- which can be deceiving. At a glance through the window, the bar area looked casual yet modern with soft earth tones, grays, light wood, and stainless steel.

Overall, I think we enjoyed it more than I had anticipated and I look forward to coming back. The regular menu looked a little pricey. As I wasn't blown away by any of the food, I don't think that we'd be as likely to dine there from their dinner menu. But it does look like we found a new Happy Hour spot!

Bistro on Lincoln Park
2391 West 11th
Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 862-2969

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Anonymous said...

There's something about the phrase "traditional elbows" that makes me smile.

Thanks for the honest review. I agree with you about the regular menu prices, which is what has kept me from going so far. But knowing that the happy hour specials are solid, I'll be dining there soon!

Anonymous said...

A "foodie" would know that the Mac and cheese wasn't seafoody but truffled.

Bite Buff said...

Bistro on Lincoln Park has now closed. June 2012.