Sunday, June 13, 2010

I've Gone "Loco" For Taco

"R" has three bar menu items that you can count on him ordering if he spies them on a menu: Chicken Quesadilla, Fish Tacos, and a Gyro. I rarely eat chicken, so he usually can't count on me for the first. I've been spoiled by Fergie's in Parma, and have yet to find a gyro that doesn't leave me wishing that it was Fergie's. But the fish taco is always my least favorite of his top three choices. Until last night...

We headed out to the Loco Leprechaun in Westlake last night to celebrate a friend's 30th birthday. I had never been there, but "R" swore by their fish tacos. The Loco is an interesting establishment with a Mexican-Irish blend of atmosphere and menu selections. Burritos, chicken paprikash, tacos, Reuben sandwich, and more. Nothing was really jumping out at me, so I decided to let "R" get us two orders of the fish tacos that he so loves. Fish Tacos ($7.95)- 3 served in hard or soft shells with shredded cabbage, fresh salsa, cheddar jack cheese, and cilantro lime dressing. It also comes with a choice of side (we went for the french fries at the bartender's suggestion- and it was a wise choice). The tacos were generous in portion, with a great balance of the ingredients. In almost every bite, you could get a little of each component. The battered cod was light and crispy, but the real highlight of the dish was the cilantro lime dressing. The bartender called it a "vinaigrette". I called it "tasty".

I won't say that I've crossed over to the dark side of loving fish tacos as much as "R", but these were hands down the best that I've tried- and I would have them again in a heartbeat.

Loco Leprechaun
24545 Center Ridge Road
Westlake, OH 44145-5616
(440) 250-5626

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