Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Twilight At The Zoo

This weekend is one of my favorite events of the year...Twilight at the Zoo. Look to your left and meet Ken. Ken, the Armadillo. That's who (what?) I got to meet at last year's event. What I cropped out of the picture was me holding a cup of wine in one hand and pointing at Ken with the other- with the look of pure joy on my face that a five-year-old has on Christmas morning. Yup, that's how happy I was.

This fabulous event combines three of my favorite things: food, wine, and the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. By no stretch of the imagination is this a "foodie" event. The options include entire buffet lines dedicated to fried foods, with the occasional Carrabba's pasta bar or Bob Evans stand tossed in. The food is not the highlight of the event, but it does help line your stomach for the beer and wine that you inevitably consume.

What really draws guests in from year to year is the opportunity to spend an "adult-only" evening wandering through the zoo's grounds enjoying an assortment of live music, while sipping on your cocktail of choice. The 14 bands are scattered throughout the zoo, featuring Motown, rock, salsa, swing, country and blues (something for everyone!). My personal favorites are 1988 and Disco Inferno, and I look forward to their performances every year. "R", of course, refuses to dance (rock out?) with me- so if you see me sashaying to the beat by myself, feel free to join!

I really do think that this event is a "Must Do" in Cleveland. Experiencing the zoo at night and in an adult-friendly zone is fun and memorable. Tickets are still on sale here. For $75, that benefits the Cleveland Zoological Society, it's a steal. All you can eat, all you can drink, live music, and experiencing the animals up close and personal- how can you resist? I know I can't! Hope to see you there.

Twilight at the Zoo
Friday, August 6th
7PM - Midnight


ClevelandPoet said...

this I am def not missing next year. It sounds like so much fun.