Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Interview with Chef Michael Symon

The Food Network contacted me about a week ago with a unique opportunity- participate on a small panel of three bloggers to interview our city's own Iron Chef, Michael Symon. Of course I jumped at the chance to pick his brain and hear about all of the great things that he has going on. Because there are plenty of them! I'm not quite sure how he finds enough hours in the day, but it is wonderful for him (and our city) that he has his hands in so many national and local projects. I also asked my Twitter followers what YOU wanted to know, and you submitted some great questions (and one request for his guacamole recipe featured at Bar Symon). I provided a link to the full interview below, and I hope that you enjoy listening!

Here are just a few of the many things that he is up to:

The Next Iron Chef – Premiered: Sunday, October 3rd at 9pm
This October, The Next Iron Chef returns with its fieriest season-to-date. Ten of the country’s most accomplished chefs bet on their skills and put their reputations on the line for the chance to join the industry’s most elite culinary society: the Iron Chefs. Hosted by Alton Brown and filmed in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York City, season three premiered Sunday, October 3rd at 9pm ET/PT and challenges the chefs’ culinary skills and mental toughness as they enter a clash of culinary titans.

Chef Symon is one of the esteemed judges this season, and I asked him "What advice are you going to give the winner of The Next Iron Chef?"

Food Feuds – Premieres: Thursday, October 14th at 10pm
Across the country, heated rivalries over local signature dishes divide cities – and Food Network’s new primetime series Food Feuds will decide, once and for all, which dish defines the district. From Baltimore crab cakes and Philadelphia cheesesteaks to New York lobster rolls and New Orleans po’ boys, Iron Chef Michael Symon searches the country to quell the most intense, long-standing culinary rivalries.

Don't miss the Ohio episodes this season, with more to come from the Cleveland area next season! I asked Chef "Who would you like to see battle out Food Feuds of the pierogi here in Cleveland?"

Symon is also hosting Cook Like an Iron Chef on the Cooking Channel, opening a new B-spot location in Strongsville in January (with more to come in the future), researching a new restaurant concept for the Cleveland area (think smoked meat- his specialty), and the list goes on...

Listen to the entire call here. I was the first blogger on the call. Does anyone else hate the sound of their voice when they hear it played back? Oh well. Just my portion alone is about 6 minutes long, so settle in. It is worth listening to the entire panel- he had some great things to say.

Thank you to the Food Network for the opportunity (and photograph featured above), and to Chef Symon for taking the time to talk to us. Enjoy, readers!


Heather said...

Ahhhh! I'm so jealous. How did he seem to you? Just like he is on camera, or different?

Can't wait to listen to this when I'm home later!

Alicia at Poise in Parma said...

What a great experience! You had some great questions. I love when they give writers/bloggers a chance to do interviews like these. He seemed really open and willing to answer anything - within reason of course!

Anonymous said...

Wow - nice job Bite Buff and kudos to Michael Symon for taking the interview seriously but warm and sincere. I know where we will be dinning the next time we are in Cleveland - and it won't be a downtown parking lot!

Bite Buff said...

Heather- He seemed every bit as genuine and sweet as he does on TV. Great sense of humor, and a real passion for Cleveland and the Mid-West!

Bite Buff said...

Alicia- Thanks! I had a few of my own, but my readers threw some in there as well. I wanted to hit some about his shows, our city's events, and of course I loved hearing what his favorite restaurants are in Cleveland!


What a great Interview! Michael Symon is a CLE God! I can't wait till B-Spot is in Stronsville =)