Thursday, November 18, 2010

A "Taste" of Cleveland Heights

So before my surgery, I went on a little bit of a "fun" spree. The threat of spending 4-6 weeks horizontal on the couch will do that to you! This included dining out with friends at Market, BREWzilla and other Cleveland Beer Week festivities, dinner and drinks at Roseangel, and lastly dinner out with "R" at Taste in Cleveland Heights. Located in the Cedar/Lee dining district, we easily spotted the restaurant's awning and then found parking after circling the block a few times.

When we walked in, I was immediately impressed with the overall decor. The soft, warm lighting, modern, clean lines of the furniture, and exposed brick walls are all up my alley."R" and I started to look at the menu, and I quickly realized that the prices were a little steep. I just hoped that the food was really that good.

It was one of those first chilly nights of fall, so we both decided to start with the Soup du jour ($6). The soup that night was turnip with pesto oil. The flavor of the soup was spot-on, especially once the pesto oil was stirred in, but the consistency was not what I was expecting. It was thin, with an almost watery appearance, and I think I was picturing a thick, creamy, hearty soup similar to the standard potato or squash-based soups that I love. For my entree, I chose the Duck Breast with mustard mashed potatoes and passion fruit sauce ($24). Again, the flavors were nice but I was disappointed with the dish. For $24, the plate included three slices of duck breast and three small dollops of mashed potatoes that when put together would equal about 1/2 of what a typical restaurant serving includes. The duck was cooked perfectly at medium-rare, and the flavor of the mashed potatoes with the hint of mustard was unique and well-balanced. I just felt that what I received was not worth the price. "R" settled on the special of the evening, a white fish with couscous. It was beautifully presented, and he really enjoyed the dish. But, again it was not worth the upper $20's price tag. We also split a side order of the Sautéed Spinach ($5). This was a complete waste of $5, because the kitchen staff did nothing with the flavor of this dish. A little salt, citrus, or garlic would have gone a long way.

So, overall I thought that interior of the restaurant is well thought out and inviting, but the quantity and quality of the food is just not quite worth the total of your bill. It was good, but not great, and I don't see us going back.

Taste Restaurant
2317 Lee Road
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118
(216) 932-9100

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ClevelandPoet said...

live in the hts not far from there and always meant to try but just hadn't yet.

Brad said...

I've driven by there numerous times and never stopped...your review has me glad I didn't. Maybe I will still try it though to see if they improve anything.