Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bobby Flay, I Blame You

I blame the Food Network's Throwdown with Bobby Flay. A few weeks ago, "R" and I were absentmindedly watching the episode where Bobby travels to Chicago to challenge the "master" of the Chicago deep dish pizza. As we watched the Throwdown, our mouths watered and bellies rumbled. Our dinner plans were thrown out the window, and "R" hopped onto the computer in search of true Chicago-style pizza here in Cleveland.

Being from Cleveland, "R" has traveled to Chicago and had "the real thing". I, on the other hand, have only experienced thick crust pizza that merely calls itself Chicago-style deep dish. When we all know that it's not. The online search didn't take long, and he stumble upon Danny Boy's Pizza in Rocky River.We literally jumped in the car and took off. I blame Bobby.

While I know that this is still probably not "true" Chicago deep dish, I think that it came pretty darn close. Take a look...As done on the Throwdown, the formation of the crust was a match, a layer of pressed sausage lined the crust (with a little sauce), and then it was topped with cheese before a final layer of sauce. Clean and simple. My only complaint is that the sausage had clearly been pre-cooked and browned up before it joined the other ingredients, because it was a little tough and hard to cut through. Also, our pizza arrived way too quickly for true Chicago deep dish to cook (typically around 40 minutes). did the trick and satisfied our craving. I am still a little salty with myself that we didn't order a plate of their fresh breadsticks. They looked great, and almost every table had them. The atmosphere was fun and family-friendly, and clearly very popular. Thanks for the idea, Bobby. I still blame you.

Danny Boy's Pizza
20251 Lake Road
Rocky River, OH
(440) 333-9595

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Heather said...

I saw you check in here and was immediately jealous!! And I think it's a sin to go there and not get the breadsticks. Go back SOON (and take me with you!). :)

Cleshopaholic said...

Omg those breadsticks are to.die.for.

All Lacquered Up said...

Tritto on the breadsticks. Sooo good.

I remember you telling me you went here while I was in Chicago going to Lou Malnati's thanks to Bobby Flay.

While Danny Boy's isn't the same, it's pretty darn good.

I know it's a chain but I used to love when Pizzeria Uno still existed on the east side. Their seafood deep dish was my treat in college when I actually had some dough, no pun intended.