Friday, May 20, 2011

Beer Me!

Over the past year, through this little ole' blog, I've had the chance to attend a couple of great beer festivals. Now, I've admitted on here that I am a wine girl through and through...but these more recent beer experiences are really making a difference. When you gather a lot of great brewers and some truly outstanding brews, I'm bound to find some that I like and push myself to try ones that I don't. That's what happened last weekend, yet again.I'm talking about the International Beer Fest at the IX Center. The coordinators generously offered me a media pass, so "R" picked up a ticket and we showed up for Session 3 on Saturday night. It was my first time inside of the IX Center, and boy is it HUGE! I do have to mention that I preferred the dim and sparkling setting of BREWzilla at the Galleria last October as part of Beer Week, but at least at the IX Center you could clearly see the different areas of "the world" and sample beers accordingly.

We wandered around for a bit, starting with Ohio!Then we took a break and chowed down on some grub from StrEAT Mobile Bistro. Yup, several of Cleveland's popular food trucks were present. Awesome addition to the event.After enjoying our food, we headed back out onto the floor for more samples. Several of my "tweeps" had attended on Friday night or Saturday afternoon, and one in particular had raved about Kuhnhenn Creme Brulee Stout.So we located the stand, sampled away, and I declared that I was done. I'm not even a stout lover like "R", but that beer was delicious and I couldn't go back. So we happily ended our tour and headed home. Maybe there is a beer lover deep inside me after all....