Friday, August 26, 2011

Austin's Wood Fire Grill Disappoints

"R's" grandma lives in Brecksville, and he has dined in the area often with her. So when a Groupon for Austin's Wood Fire Grill popped up one day, he purchased the discounted certificate and plans were made to dine there.

It is located in the same plaza as Heinen's, so parking is very easy and free.We arrived around 7PM, and the restaurant was mostly full. It was a nice mix of ages and type of groups dining, and appeared to be family-friendly as well. We settled in and each ordered a drink as we looked at the menu.

Immediately, I had sticker shock. I was in the mood for a steak, and my eye was drawn to a $32 hunk of beef topped with a special sauce. No way. So I settled on a 12 oz. (only size option) NY Strip for $27.99. No frills (cheese, sauce, extra spices, etc.) and no dinner salad included. Just one side dish of my choice. Pretty skimpy, in my opinion. I went for the baked potato, and also ordered a side of the garlic spinach. We had started with an order of the Stuffed Mushrooms, and the dish included six crab-stuffed mushrooms for $8.49. "R" had ordered the Crab Cake Dinner.

Let's just say that there is something wrong with the bland baked potato being the best part of my meal. The stuffing inside the mushrooms was dry and there was no hint of crab flavor. My steak was seasoned "okay", but even a little more salt and pepper would have gone a long way. A good steak doesn't need much, but this one needed a bit of something more. At least it was cooked to a perfect medium. The spinach was disappointing, and "R's" crab cakes were very similar to the dry and bland crab stuffing in the mushrooms.

All in all, I thought it was an incredibly expensive meal for what it lacked in quality and portions. We won't be back, and I honestly wanted to stand outside and warn people as they walked in. Whoops!

Austin's Wood Fire Grill
8121 Chippewa Road
Brecksville, OH 44141


Carly said...

I worked at their sister store in Mayfield during college. While the food is ok, their owner is a complete a**hole. He once chewed me out and made me cry for requesting off a day for a dentist appointment. Looks like now he is letting the quality of his food go to crap too. The last time I went to the Brecksville location it was pretty good - but that was the first year that they opened....

jerryw said...

Agree with you on Austins-my wife and I went there 2 years ago-late afternoon on a Sunday and, although it was empty we had to wait an inordinate amount of time for a wait person to approach our table. I was terribly disappointed with my entree and the manager, who was at the bar having a drink with a friend, never even considered coming to our table to see what he could do. That was the first and last time for us. I tell everyone who asks not to go there. I am surprised that they are still open.