Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Market Garden Brewery Review

Thanks to random.org, Heather from Mile 26 and More is the winner of the two tickets to this weekend's Blues & Brews event! I appreciate everyone that took the time to enter, and to tell me about your favorite summer beer.

Speaking of beer...

A group of us recently went to Market Garden Brewery (Ohio City's newest addition to West 25th Street) to check out their food and brews.I immediately liked the atmosphere, except for the orange bulbs in the chandeliers that hang from the ceiling. That just gave them a "Halloween" glow that caught the eye of several of us. We were seated in the main bar area, so I didn't have a chance to check out the outdoor seating, but I hear that it is very nice and a welcomed addition to the area. I didn't feel like drinking a beer with dinner (a sin at a brewery, I know), so I started with a glass of white wine. MGB offers a few different wine options, and several unique cocktails (more on that later).

I decided to get the Classic Wedge salad with iceburg, oven cured tomatoes, bacon, and bleu cheese dressing ($8).I also ordered the Pretzel, which was soft baked with mustard and garlic cheese spread ($6).You can't really screw up a soft pretzel, so I enjoyed it thoroughly. The salad itself was a little bland. I know that sounds weird to say about a salad, but the dressing didn't offer the usual punch that a good bleu cheese typically has. It all tasted a little "watery", and while the tomatoes were an interesting addition- they didn't add much to the dish overall.

So I was a little underwhelmed by the food, and consensus at the table was the same for the beer. The general reaction from those at the table that were sampling the brews is that they didn't have a whole lot of flavor. Now the Shoreway Cooler on the other hand had everyone happily sipping away. Progress Pilsner with housemade honey gin, lemon juice, lillet blanc, and simple syrup ($8). This cocktail was unique, and really refreshing on a summer evening.

But while the food and beer didn't impress on our first visit, they really have created a nice spot that I feel will just improve over time. The atmosphere and service were great, and the food and brews can be adjusted as they find their footing as a new restaurant. Our server handled our large table very well, keeping all of our orders separate and never being too far away when we needed another Cooler. We'll be back for sure!

Market Garden Brewery
1947 West 25th Street
Cleveland, OH
(216) 621-4000

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Heather said...

I had such high hopes for this place- I enjoyed the beer, but I wouldn't know about my food, because it never came out. I was only there with two other people last Wednesday night, and between being seated and our food arriving, it was at least an hour. My two friends got their food- I only ordered a salad with chicken, and the chicken literally never came until we were about to walk out and they had it in a to-go bag. They were friendly and apologetic about it- comped the beers we had at the table, as well as my salad- but it doesn't make up for the horrendous service. I plan on going back to try it once more, but if it's the same way, I'm done with the place.

Green Dog Wine said...

You know what - I don't know if we talked about this in person - but I thought the salad was watery too!!!! A little bit of water on a salad - I understand - but soupy? No thanks!

CLEgal @ Why CLE? said...

I haven't been able to make it there yet, but in general I've heard much of the same - it's kind of uneven, but it'll improve. I heard the beers are pretty pricey too. Will definitely give it a shot though...I love a good pretzel and that one looks delicious!

Heather said...

I'm still super sad I missed this dinner, but I'm mad excited about the win! Jay is going to be ecstatic!!!!

Brad said...

You went a few weeks after me and I'm sad to read that your experience sort of mirrors mine. I really hope they start to improve things because I want them to do well, but a brewery with beers that lack flavor isn't a good thing. I hope to go back in the next 2-4 weeks to see how things are improving.

Bite Buff said...

It sounds like everyone is kind of having the same experience. Hopefully they are listening to their customers and will improve over time. I have faith.

Jswboni said...

I have lived in Cleveland all my life and never been to Pier W so I will have to say I am really looking forward to eating there.