Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Good To Go Cafe

At this month's Dinner in the Dark, "R" and I met Anna from Good To Go Cafe. We have a mutual friend, and I had heard wonderful things about her small cafe in downtown I was excited to meet her in person (over cocktails after the event), and even more excited to dine with her the following day.

We already had plans to grab lunch in downtown Cleveland that day, so it was an easy switch to stop in Good To Go instead. I'm so glad that we did! She stuffed us to the gills, and I almost had to roll out of there. We couldn't resist one of the specials that day, Turkey Pineapple Chili.This was seriously one of the best chili dishes that I've ever had. The subtle balance of heat from the spices and sweet from the pineapple just played on our tongues, and I couldn't stop eating it. And I know chili, because my father makes one mean homemade chili. I finished the entire cup, even knowing that we had more food coming.

Next up was the real draw that brought us in that day...leftover Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Braised Duck Ragout from the event the night before. Anna had prepared the gnocchi, so she was serving up this hearty, flavorful dish the next day as a special. We lucked out- this dish was a crowd favorite at Dinner in the Dark.The cafe was easy to find, since we knew that it was located inside of the IMG building off of East 9th. It is just inside the lobby, and the cute chalkboard sign steers you in the right direction once you enter. We dined in, and watched as Anna greeted all of her customers as if they were family. She wished each of them a "5 Star Day", and honestly I left there feeling like I was going to have one after enjoying our lunch so much.

Long story short, Anna is offering delicious, and easy grab-and-go, breakfast and lunch options. You'll find an assortment of fresh salads, wraps, sandwiches, soups, treats, specials and more for lunch. Follow her on Twitter (@good2gocafe) for specials and a 20% off code each day. The code of the day was BiteBuff that day- isn't she sweet! You can also pre-order online for a quick pick up.

Go check it out, and tell Anna that I sent you!

Good To Go Cafe
IMG Center Lobby
1390 East 9th Street, #300
Cleveland, OH 44114
216- 623-7220

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Alana said...

i used to work in the IMG building over the summers during college. good to go saved me from some rough mornings :)

Crystal @EatDrinkClev said...

This is one of the reasons I wish I worked downtown! I would go everyday. Lucky you getting to eat the duck & gnocci two days in a row - it was killer!