Friday, March 2, 2012

New Crop Bistro Location

On Thursday, a work meeting brought me to Crop Bistro for lunch. It was my first time seeing the new space (on Lorain in Ohio City) since they moved out of downtown. Have you been? What do you think of the new restaurant?The old bank space is impressive and decadent, that's for sure.

The lunch menu was appealing, and I had a hard time selecting. I ended up with the Lamb Sliders with bleu cheese and coarse ground mustard. It was served with a small salad and the side of the day, which happen to be pasta salad.The lamb meat was boldly seasoned, and so juicy. They were a little messier to eat than I had hoped (I was at a work meeting after all), so I did eventually have to start using a fork and knife.

Again, the lunch menu had a lot of great options. I see that several favorites from the old location have remained on the menu, such as the Cherry Bomb and Balsamic Popcorn. The menu has the same feel to it, so you can tell that the quality of the food and the chef's vision has not been lost in the transition.But what are your thoughts on the new space? It's beautiful, but a part of me misses the old restaurant. Either way, I'll be back and I'm thrilled that it moved closer to us. It's a great addition to the expanding restaurant lineup in Ohio City.

Crop Bistro
2537 Lorain Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44113


Jane said...

What a lovely blog! I also moved from NYC to Cleveland and have been pleasantly surprised by the food scene. Will be checking back frequently!

Amanda @ Clue Into CLE said...

I went maybe 2 weeks ago and love it. I am a huge fan of old banks and bank architecture, though, so I'm sure that's a huge reason why. I had a great dinner there - the steak Scott got was really really good. I'll likely be ordering that next time we go. I was also happy to see deviled eggs were still on the menu.

Ben said...

Sarah and I have reservations for this coming Saturday and are looking forward to it. A friend of mine has been there for lunch a couple times and didn't like that the only vegetarian entree / sandwich option is the rice bowl. He said it was very good, but coming back isn't as exciting when there's only one choice. said...

I had dinner there friday ( I posted about it today) and we were also there in Jan. I love it and the old bank building is beautiful! It's my favorite spot in Cle right now, for ambiance and good food

Anonymous said...

Crop Bistro is truly looking nice place. I am impressed on both food & interior.

Sam from Store Hours