Friday, April 13, 2012

Graeter's Ice Cream

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The warmer weather is just around the corner, I can feel it. We were spoiled there for a bit, but the bitter cold of Cleveland crept back in. I'm ready for sandals and sundresses. "R" is ready for ice cream. He's a fanatic, even having ice cream twice in one day once.

So, when Cincinnati's Graeter's Ice Cream asked me to do a product review in anticipation of its release to Giant Eagle stores in the Cleveland area- I knew that "R" would kill me if I didn't accept. When the package arrived last week, it was a good day in our household...They sent me Mint Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip, and Vanilla Chocolate Chip- a nice variety of their famous chip ice creams. Here are our thoughts, and I had to include "R" because he is the real ice cream aficionado in our house. I'm more of a frozen yogurt/custard girl, shhhh.

"R's" Thoughts:- the ice cream was smooth and creamy, but not as creamy as some other brands
- each of the flavors included sizable chocolate chunks, and it was a nice ratio of chunks to ice cream (one chip was so huge that it spanned the length of the container and was 1" wide)
- Favorite Flavor: Vanilla Chocolate Chip (with Chocolate being a close second)
- Least Favorite Flavor: Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip
- the plain chocolate and vanilla flavors had the most pronounced flavor
- he slightly prefers the "green" mint chocolate chip ice cream versions over Graeter's white mint chocolate chip

My Thoughts:
- Favorite Flavor: Chocolate Chocolate Chip
- Least Favorite Flavor: Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip
- the vanilla appeared to have the most chocolate chips included, and had more of a natural or French Vanilla flavor (which I liked)
- the Chocolate Chocolate Chip was rich and decadent

We can have a little Ohio pride, knowing that this ice cream has been family-owned and produced in Cincinnati since 1870. Five generations have kept it going, and they still use the same recipes and method. You can find their products in local Heinen's, but the big news is that they are hitting Giant Eagle stores as well! More ice cream for everyone. And this is "Oprah's Favorite Ice Cream", people. Just in time for the warmer months. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

It doesn't taste the same out of the case. You need to go the a Grater's in Columbus or Cinci. The best!

Bite Buff said...

I've only been to Cincinnati twice, but was smart enough to stop at Graeter's for the real thing when I was there!