Thursday, June 28, 2012

I'm back!

I apologize for the unannounced hiatus from the blog. "R" and I just enjoyed a long weekend in NY visiting my family, and I attended the wedding shower/bachelorette party of my high school best friend.

So, please excuse my abcense, but we were spending time at my parents' lake house. This was my view for most of the trip, and I was enjoying being "cut off" from social media for a bit.
Can you blame me?

Since this is a food blog, I did have to share one fun food item from the vacation. Here are the boob and thong cookies from my friend's bachelorette party.
So cute, right?! I loved the idea.

Well, it's back to business today. But having a two-day work week will be amazing. I do love NY, but it's good to be back in Cleveland.