Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Weekend of Food and Fun

This weekend was packed with plans. "R" was away, so I scheduled some time with several different friends.

It all started with a return trip to Dante's DC Pasta Company in Strongsville on Friday. My first dining experience there a few months ago was memorable, and not in a good way. The food left a lot to be desired, and we had the worst service that I've ever had. But, Dante had been responsive to the situation and I was willing to go back for a second try. Unfortunately, the experience was very similar. Our server was socially awkward and hard to communicate with, he was absent most of the evening, we had to wait 43 minutes before placing our food order, the food was still bland in my opinion, my salad hadn't been ordered so it arrived well after my friend's, and one of my pasta tastes was stone-cold when it reached the table. I don't need to go back. But I had a great time catching up with two of my favorite girls!
Saturday was a new day. My foxy date and I headed to Whiskey Island in the afternoon for the Shoes and Clothes for Kids Luau on the Lake event.
(Only the third picture ever that I've put up of myself on this blog!) The event was fun, and being down by the lake sipping on some cocktails with friends and good tunes was just perfect. But I had to jet out of there early to help a good friend celebrate her 30th birthday with family and friends. Cheers to a great year, Lindsay!

Sunday was another "Funday" this weekend. It started by meeting friends at Market Garden Brewery for brunch, and their unlimited mimosas. Trouble. I ordered the Breakfast Tacos with chorizo, queso, pico, hollandaise, and scrambled egg ($10).
Three small tacos were included, and they were really good! I would order them again, for sure. I also tried the $4 English Muffin with house made preserves. It was a good English muffin, but the price tag is steep. The sides are the only things that seemed too high. Otherwise, the breakfast dishes are reasonably priced and everyone liked their meal. Michelle and I also enjoyed the bottomless mimosas! For $15, they just keep filling up your glass.

With a slight buzz and a full belly, I headed home to meet "R". He's only been home three days so far this month, so it was wonderful to see him. Then, we headed up to one of our favorite summer food events--the Taste of Tremont.
The annual street festival takes over Professor Avenue in Tremont, and is filled with vendor booths and tasting stations. It always has some great people watching, and I love attending every year. I was still not hungry, but I couldn't pass up a taste of Lucky Cafe's heavenly mac and cheese. Did you attend this year's event? What was your favorite dish?

Phew, it was quite a weekend.


Crystal @EatDrinkClev said...

What a fun weekend! I did NOT go to Taste of Tremont (gasp!) for the 1st time since I don't know when. I missed it but went to Presque Isle for some seriously fun bike riding instead. Love the pic of you and SM - super cute!

Wearing Mascara said...

It was so great meeting you and I love that picture - still obsessed with your shirt. I remember your post about DC Pasta from earlier and am saddened that you still had a similar experience! I liked the food, and the service wasn't terrible (not amazing either). I thought that by now, they would have it together! Glad you had a good weekend!

Bite Buff said...

It was so nice to finally meet you too! Always makes an outing more fun to meet new people.

Alana said...

wow what a fun weekend! boo about DC pasta - i was interested since dean's new store is in strongsville. i won't be checking them out.