Sunday, September 2, 2012

Labor Day Oktoberfest

Labor Day in Cleveland brings us several fun things to do and see around the city. This weather doesn't feel like the "end of summer", but we're doing our best to ignore it. Do you go and watch the Air Show every year?

Yesterday, "R" and I met some friends at the annual Cleveland Labor Day Oktoberfest at the Berea Fairgrounds. With promises of delicious traditional fair treats and a variety of German and Polish dishes, a lot of beer (and boots to drink them out of), great people watching, and daily wiener dog races-- we like to attend. There is always lots to see.
"R" started with some potato pancakes and pierogi. I had a potato pierogi to hold me over, and then we headed towards the wiener dog races with stops to take in the sights along the way. We made it just in time for the last heats of the Adult Races, and stayed for the Championship Races at 5PM. Fritz for the win!

Then it was time to check out the Bier Garten and eat dinner.
"R" and I went for the line at Balaton of Shaker Square, because some of the others were ridiculously long. I ordered the Wiener Schnitzel Dinner, yum.

With the threat of rain upon us, we headed back to the Bier Garten for more drinks and live music. Michelle and I were assaulted by the perverted wiener dog along the way.
Every year, I leave the event wanting to own a wiener dog (free admission if you bring one) and a German hat.

The event also offers a Kids Zone, free hay rides, a huge sand sculpture, arts and crafts, and plenty of "crap" to shop for. There is still time for you to enjoy this event. They open at noon today, closing at midnight, and then are open tomorrow from noon to 9PM. Parking is free, and you can save $1 off each ticket if you purchase them online.

What are you up to this holiday weekend?


Dj said...

I love my dachshund! Such little dogs with huge personalities. Unfortunately, I've worked every labor day weekend for the last 4 years (and for the next 2). Maybe one day I'll make it to the weiner dog races. Sounds like a great time. Thanks for the recap!