Thursday, September 13, 2012

Last Hints of Summer

With the temperatures back up to 80+ this week, you can feel summer clinging on for just a little while longer. Personally, I am loving the crisp in the air that we're starting to get, and I can't wait for fall to be here. But we did take some time out last weekend to appreciate what's left of the warmer weeks.

This included a stop at East Coast Custard in Parma Heights. It's no secret that I am a not a sweets lover, and ice cream is pretty low on my list. But, when I do indulge-- I like frozen custard or yogurts. Hard ice cream just doesn't do it for me. "R", on the other hand, prefers hard but will really eat ANY kind of ice cream ANY time. One day, he stopped for ice cream twice. True story.

East Coast isn't my favorite spot, but it has a long-standing history that is fun to support. They opened their doors in Parma Heights in 1985, and now have five locations in Greater Cleveland. It still has the old-time feel, and look.
There is plenty of parking, but they also offer a drive-thru at this location if you're in a hurry.

As "R's" order was being made (Chocolate Chip Cheesecake), I enjoyed watching the frozen custard churn.
They always offer a few classics-- sundaes, shakes, smoothies, and concretes...but it'sreally all about the Flavor of the Day. The custard of the day and yogurt of the day are always changing.

"R" thoroughly enjoyed the custard that day, and kept commenting on how big the chocolate chunks were.

My personal favorite? Rosati's Frozen Custard. So creamy and delicious! I absolutely love the Drumstik flavor. I was so sad when they closed down the North Olmsted location this year, because it was just miles from "R's" mom's house, and a frequent stop for us during the warmer months.

So get out and enjoy the last bits of summer. It looks like we are in for a few more nice days this week. Will ice cream be in your future? What's your favorite ice cream spot in the area?


Heather said...

Katrina, I'm not sure we can be friends anymore. Ice cream is so near and dear to my heart!!
Honey Hut is #1 on our list, without a doubt.

Alicia at Poise in Parma said...

I grew up taking acting classes at Greenbrier Theatre, back in the Parma Heights rec area near East Coast Custard. We would run over there on our breaks mid-afternoon for an ice cream treat. It's a childhood favorite for that reason, but Honey Hut is still number one for me!