Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Riding Out the Storm

What a week so far! I feel fortunate that we've only had some minor leaking from our roof around the chimney in our bedroom, and a little bit of water coming in from one basement window. A large tree branch came down just inches from my car, our power never went out, and "R's" company was closed yesterday due to no power so he was home with me all day. Many of our Cleveland friends have not been as lucky, and I've been checking in on my NYC friends often. I've been so worried. The images on the news have been crazy. Here are a couple from around here:
The first is a tree just a few houses down the block from us, the top right photo is two huge trees down in Lincoln Park in Tremont, and the bottom is a shot of the waves crashing in from Lake Erie taken at Edgewater Park on Tuesday. Imagine those waves x 3 the night before! I hope that everyone is staying safe and dry, and my thoughts go out to those that were really affected by Hurricane Sandy. From a Katrina to anyone named Sandy, the jokes will never stop. Trust me.

One thought that is getting me through this week is that the West Side Market Gala is this weekend! We're kicking off the weekend by attending the People's Party at Crop Bistro on Friday evening, and then Saturday will bring the long-awaited Gala. It will be a perfect end to the week, and to Sandy. Will you be attending either of the WSM100 events this weekend? Here's a sneak peek at my dress:
I can't wait!


Jen @ Why CLE? said...

Glad you and R survived the storm basically in tact. I love the dress...have a great time at the Gala!

Heather said...

That dress!! Gorg.

Bite Buff said...

Thanks, girls!

Wearing Mascara said...

Love the dress! I'm looking forward to hearing about it!