Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kumo Buffet in Parma

Sorry for the hiatus, readers. With the holiday, long weekend, and the terrible head cold that "R" and I have been fighting for two weeks...I just haven't felt like writing. I hope that you all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with family, friends, fun, and of course--good food.

Speaking of good food, I wish that today's post was about that--but it's not. "R" and I were recently out running errands and needed to grab an impromptu quick bite to eat in the Parma area. In the mood to try something new, I suggested heading to Kumo Japanese Seafood Buffet. After reading another blogger's rave review, and seeing photographs of the extensive sushi buffet and other offerings, I was intrigued.
Sadly, the buffet was really disappointing. Not that one should ever have high expectations for a buffet, but it still didn't even meet the low bar that I had set in my mind. It did offer a HUGE selection of sushi and hand rolls, traditional Japanese and Chinese dishes, and even a few "American" options for the less adventuresome.

While we certainly didn't try everything, what we did have was lackluster and most of the sushi was just plain scary looking. The fish looked dry and some have even started to brown around the edges, and the vegetables were wilted and unappetizing to look at. I found a couple of pieces that didn't scream "food poisoning", and even those were bland and certainly not fresh.

Items like the lo mien, fried rice, steamed dumplings, and edamame were all perfectly standard and acceptable. But I've had better. Spicy octopus was gummy and impossible to bite through, mussels were dried out and smelled fishy, and even the crab legs were disappointing.

Overall, it was a pretty bad buffet experience and I wouldn't set foot in there again. My expectations were low, but geez. The only thing that I regret not trying was the hibachi. You create your own bowl of goodies, and then staff cook it right there for you. For $14.99, the dinner buffet is a deal, but to me that's not worth compromising quality. Plenty of cheap food out there that is way better!

Kumo Japanese Seafood Buffet
1975 Snow Road
Parma, OH 44134


Kristian said...

Good to know. It's too bad you don't have any photos.

Have you been to Yellow Tail in Fairlawn? I'm curious how it would compare.

Bite Buff said...

Lots of staff around the buffet, and the things that made it onto my plate wouldn't have done it justice.

But I do have to say that others have been here and loved it. We just had a really OFF experience there that didn't leave me wanting more.

I have not. I'll have to check it out sometime.

Alicia at Poise in Parma said...

I've always wondered if that place is worth the visit. But questionable looking seafood is definitely reason for concern! I'll stick to my usual options nearby for that type of cuisine. Thanks for sharing your review.

Amanda @ Clue Into CLE said...

I have only been to 2 really good buffets in my life. One in New Jersey and one in Virginia (introduced to both by either my or Scott's parents).

While I don't like missing out on a good deal and will give buffets a try, I'm still in search of a good one in Cleveland.

But - as you noted - fortunately there is plenty of non-buffet cheap food out there in Cleveland that is way better.