Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Avon's Strip Steakhouse

Saturday night brought us a night out with "R's" family. Destination--- Strip Steakhouse in Avon. Gaining a reputation for having one of the best steaks in the Cleveland area, we were highly anticipating our second meal there.

Located in the restored Ewers Barn in the Olde Avon Village plaza, it's difficult to see from the road and there's poor signage. But once you pull into the plaza, the building makes quite an impression.
I think it's gorgeous, and I love some of the barn features inside as well.

As with many steakhouses, the menu can be a bit pricey. Some of it is worth it, and other items are not. In my opinion, the soups and salads are reasonably priced. A few of the starters were high, including the two that we shared--- Lavender Scallops with pan seared scallops resting on a rosa lobster cream sauce infused with lavender essence. Three scallops for $14 is a tad pricey. This is my second time having them, and both experiences were the same--- incredibly salty and not worth the price tag. Our table also shared an order of the Sea Biscuit starter with miniature buttermilk biscuits drenched in Southern-style lobster sausage gravy with three blackened shrimp. Also for $14, this portion was larger, something unique, and quite rich and tasty.

"R's" mom ordered the Catch of the Day, but the rest of us ordered a variety of steaks. Two of us ordered the 6 oz. prime cut Filet for $26 (myself included), two ordered the Boilermaker--- a 10 oz. center cut ribeye, sugar and spice rubbed, blackened in a cast iron skillet with a touch of Irish whiskey for $28, and "R's" brother went with the Cut of the Day. That happened to be a 24 oz. slab of meat on-bone that was served on a cutting board. It was a sight to see, but for a whopping $60 (price not disclosed) it was under seasoned and underwhelming.

The Boilermaker was the one to be jealous over. It was a thick-cut with a great sear, and more flavor thanks to the seasonings. I had a bite of "R's", and I think that I would order it lightly-blackened like his sister-in-law did. The Filet was disappointing. They serve all of their steaks on a large white plate (which is helpful for adding side dishes), but it makes the smaller steaks look pathetic as they perch on this giant blank plate. It was also incredibly bland, and a thinner cut than I was anticipating. Each steak includes a specialty butter or dipping sauce (some are truly unique and delicious), but it just makes me think that they hide their meat behind the condiments. On their own, they are lacking flavor.

Side dishes are not included, and the menu states that each will serve two. We've tried a variety of them, and they all easily serve more than two people. This time, "R" and I shared the Redskin Garlic Smashed Potatoes ($7) and Devonshire Spinach ($8). The potatoes were nothing special, and I'd probably opt for something else next time. But that spinach is to die for, and we've ordered it both times.

Service was amazing. The pace was perfect, our water and wine glasses were never empty, and when "R's" medium-rare steak came out well-done--- it was immediately replaced and an offer for a glass of wine on-the-house was denied but appreciated. Our serve had a great sense of humor, and we really enjoyed him.

Overall, I left with the same impression this time. Very cool space, a little pricey and should be reserved for special occasions or when someone else is picking up the tab, and there are some highs and lows on the menu. Online reservations can be made through OpenTable, which is always appreciated.

Have you been? What's your favorite steakhouse in the area?

Strip Steakhouse
36840 Detroit Road
Avon, OH 44011


Crystal @EatDrinkClev said...

The Boilermaker sounds delicious! Too bad everything wasn't perfect - at that price it should be! Sounds like they have great service and a unique cool location... now they just need to kick up the good a notch.

Unknown said...

We went for valentines day. Apps were delicious, lobster bisque and house salad. Bad thing was waitress leaned over me to put pepper on my girlfriends salad, big mistake. Girlfriend ordered strip steak medium well, came out medium. Waitress had a fit. We had to prove it was under cooked before she would take it back. Big mistake number 2. I got the bone in ribeye. Cooked perfect but had no flavor even with garlic butter on it. Big mistake number3! For the money it wasn't worth it.
Don from Westlake.