Friday, March 15, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Events

Cleveland is gearing up for a wild and busy St. Patrick's Day weekend. I thought that I'd give you a few festivities to choose from.


- Big Bad Boxty Contest and Party at Mavis Winkles in Independence. This weekend-long celebration will make anyone feel Irish with "authentic" fare and grog. The big event takes place on Saturday, with kegs and eggs, contests, traditional Irish foods, and live music. Also, potential Big Bad Boxty Contest competitors have been trying to qualify for the showdown by participating in wing eating contests all week. Now, the contestants will face off in the Big Bad Boxty Contest by eating their special "gastro gut buster" platter. It should be a sight to see. Also, they are running shuttles to and from downtown, which is awesome.

- Griller's Pub in Parma will open at 7AM with kegs and eggs, corned beef specials, and breakfast all day long. A live band will join at 7PM to keep the party going.

- Black Dog Kitchen & Bar in Downtown Cleveland will open at 7AM with kegs and eggs, and beer/food specials running all day long. Including green beer, for those of you that seek it out.

- Lucky's Cafe in Tremont will be running a special on corned beef dishes this weekend. They'll feature their famous Reuben, corned beef hash (one of my favorite things there), corned beef balls appetizer, and a corned beef omelet. Order two or more corned beef dishes, and receive one dollar off your brunch bill.

- Looking for an earlier start? Head to Flannery's Pub on the corner of East 4th and Prospect. "R" always demands that we start the day there. They open their doors at 6AM with breakfast burritos.

- Great Lakes Brewing is not usually open on Sundays, but they will be opening their doors and celebrating with Irish-inspired food and beers, Irish bands, and shuttles to downtown (running two hours before and after the parade) all beginning at 11AM.

- Claddagh Irish Pub in Legacy Village was setting up for St. Patrick's Day yesterday when we were there shopping, and it looks like they throw one heck of a party. Outside tents with heaters, so at least you can pretend that it won't be so cold on Sunday! They open at 8AM, with all kinds of live music and specials, and won't close down the party until 2AM.

This is only a tiny sampling of what will be going on this weekend. Do you "celebrate", and where do you go out? We always head downtown, but Kamm's Corners sounds like it would be fun too. Do you watch the parade? I've been downtown three times on this holiday, without once seeing it. Whoops! Whatever you decide to do, stay safe! Happy St. Patrick's Day this weekend. The day that we all turn a wee bit Irish.