Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Taco Tuesday- Hoopples

It's the first Taco Tuesday blog post of 2013, hard to believe. But the quest for good tacos around town continues, and last week that led "R" and I to Hoopples.

They had three choices for standard tacos--- chicken, ground beef, and black bean. The deal is two tacos for $3. Not too shabby, and they were perfectly fine for some good, cheap tacos. "R" and I both liked the black bean taco a little more than the other two. Hot sauce was available on the table, which was appreciated. Some salsa and sour cream could have been worthwhile additions to the tacos.

Hoopples also offered one specialty taco, which included two tacos for $6. (Dining Deals Alert!) It was a smoked sausage taco, with a little kick to the pickle and jalapeno relish.
Overall, they were solid tacos. They'd fall somewhere between Lincoln Park Pub's and Sachsenheim Hall, in my opinion.

On the corner of Columbus and Franklin, free parking was available on the street, or in a small lot across the street. Tucked behind some of the gorgeous bridges headed over from the west bank of the flats, the views of downtown Cleveland were some of the best that I've seen! This bar is a great hole-in-the-wall gem. I just wish that the beer list was a little more craft beer-friendly. I stuck with water.

Stay tuned tomorrow, readers...it's a big day for the blog!!!

1930 Columbus Road
Cleveland, OH


Katie O. said...

I love Hooples! The view of Cleveland at night is stunning from there. I didn't know they had a taco tuesday.

Can't wait to see why tomorrow is a big day!