Friday, April 19, 2013

This Week

I've been struggling this week to find motivation to blog. To come off such a high of celebrating my grandmother turning 90 years-old on Sunday...
...with my whole family in attendance...
...witnessing "Granny's" pure joy of living life in the moment, and her willingness to still challenge herself and try anything once... was a really special weekend for our family. One that we won't forget.

Then, "R" and I were driving back to Ohio on Monday, and Twitter updated me on what was happening at the Boston Marathon. It is unthinkable, and I think it's been a sad week for all Americans humans. Why do we do this to each other?

The non-profit that I work for had a large charity team participating in the Boston Marathon, including a handful of people from Cleveland and one that I know very well. Fortunately, all 200+ runners on the team, and the staff, were all unharmed by the explosions. A couple of friends and family members that were cheering for our team were injured, but they are not critical and are expected to fully recover. I think everyone was shocked by this incident, but this one hit a little too close to home for me. I, too, manage a charity marathon team each year, and I thought about my runners and the bond that we form throughout the training period. These people, these runners, dedicate so much time and energy to training and fundraising. To have it end like it did for these Boston Marathon runners is just tragic, and many lives and families will never be the same because of it.

It has made my heart very heavy this week. Last night's news didn't help, as I lay awake in bed for hours. So, I apologize for the lack of posts. Go hug your loved ones, help someone in need when you can see that they need it, and try to think of the good in one another. Think of those first-responders and runners that ran INTO the explosions. They showed us what true inspirations they are.

I, for one, am glad that this week is over.


Amanda @ Clue Into CLE said...

Well-put. The actions of this week pushed me to finally get back to 5K running this summer. I had been considering not doing it, but I just signed up for the Gathering Place's 5K in June. It's nothing compared to a half/full marathon and does nothing close to what the first-responders and regular people did this week during the explosions, but is what I can do right now at least.

Margaret said...

I agree- those that ran towards the explosions in order to help others...those are the people to give us hope and restore a little faith in humanity after all that has happened!