Friday, May 17, 2013

Drink. Bar and Grill in Old Brooklyn

It's Friday! Which means that it's time to select a winner of the $100 Provenance gift certificate. Thank you to everyone that entered. picked comment #21- Ryan "Even though it's not exactly an art or history museum, I have to go with A Christmas Story house!" Email me by Monday to claim your prize, and enjoy checking out Provenance and the Art Museum!

Now, on to the post for the day...

Drink. Bar and Grill opened in the Old Brooklyn neighborhood quietly several months ago, but then had a grand opening in late March. We read about it in Scene's review, and were instantly intrigued to check it out. After all, that's my 'hood and the bar/restaurant options are limited. Sure, there are plenty of hole-in-the-wall joints, and you can get some cheap beers and average bar food close to home. But, for the higher end bars and upscale pub food, we have to head to at least Tremont or Ohio City.

Well, Drink is trying to fill that void. Will they succeed? I hope so, but only time will tell. It isn't looking good so far.
Inside, they are going for a "dark and swanky" lounge feel. With a dimly lit bar, lots of candles, and plush private seating areas--- it's quite different than anything else around here.
But, we've been in three times already and it's always dead. We've been in for drinks on a Tuesday, Wednesday, and now a Friday. At most, there has been a dozen or so patrons. During the week, it was more like four.

Is it the location? The atmosphere? The higher priced drinks menu? I just don't know that it's a $9 a cocktail kinda place that this neighborhood wants. But we do, so I hope that it survives.

The food so far has been pretty decent. The onion rings (dare I say, my favorite item so far?) and chicken tenders are hand-breaded in-house, and you can tell. The Pork Belly Lettuce Wraps that we had last Friday night were carefully prepared, and quite tasty.
"R" had the Patti Melt with a 7oz burger with grilled onions and melted provolone with house Russian dressing on toasted rye for $9.50 (which he enjoyed, but the side of fries seemed stale), and I just had to order the Bulgogi Burger ($11) with a 7oz Korean Barbeque Burger and pickled daikon, lettuce, tomato, and hoisin aioli on a toasted sweet bun. Overall, it was a decent burger, but very messy and it was hard to detect the Asian flavors that I was expecting. The rest of the menu is pretty basic with tacos, wings, salads, wraps, and other typical fare.

I do like the atmosphere here, but I did notice that it kind of has a "musty" smell to it. It's a little offensive, particularly when you're eating. The four bartenders that we've had have all been very friendly and chatty. They are clearly trying to get to know the neighborhood, with the hopes of creating regulars. Personally, I like the place and hope that they survive.

Drink. Bar and Grill
4250 Pearl Road
Cleveland, OH


Beth @ CraveableCleveland said...

Ah it's always hard to see someone pour their hard work into a new spot and not have it catch on right away. Hoping it'll grow in time!

Dave Grand said...

Visited Drink last evening after reading your post and checking it out on Yelp. What a cool little place! I had 3 draft Nosferatus (10 oz. $3 each), the onion rings and the pork belly lettuce mini wraps. The food was quite good. The lettuce wraps were kind of a cross between BBQ and sushi. Ben the bartender was very personable and said that plans were afoot to open another room eventually. I'm so glad a place like this opened in Old Brooklyn. Ben said they have some good crowds especially on weekends. Hope this place stays around. Thanks for pointing me to a great little hang-out!

Bite Buff said...

Drink has now closed. 6/23/18