Friday, August 9, 2013

Banana Blossom Rip Off

I don't usually post something just to complain. I like to keep it light and entertaining over here, as much as possible. But, we felt so ripped off last night from Banana Blossom that I just had to share it.

I've actually never been to Banana Blossom in Ohio City, but it's one of the restaurants on our neighborhood's list on So we've enjoyed delivered takeout from them often enough. Their curry dishes are good (not great, not my favorite in town, but good), solid Pad Thai, delicious Tom Kha Kai soup, and the best Crab Ragoon that I've ever had.

Last night, "R" and I wanted to split a curry entrée, an order of our favorite soup, and something else. In an effort to eat healthy, we decided on the Ohitashi- seasoned spinach ($5.95). We figured that an appetizer-sized order of spinach at basically $6, it should be more than enough to share. We were wrong...
This is what arrived. Barely enough for even one person, let alone enough to share. But share we did, and felt completely ripped off while doing it. For $6, where was the rest of it? I don't care what was on it, spinach is CHEAP, so what the heck?!

I did send a message to the restaurant to share my feedback, but I haven't heard anything yet.

I never mind paying top dollar for quality food and experience, but no diner ever likes to feel ripped off or that they aren't receiving what they're paying for. Has this happened to you?

Banana Blossom
2800 Clinton Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44113