Wednesday, August 21, 2013

El Tolteca Mexican Grill

I feel very loyal to my favorite local Mexican restaurant. After trying a few others, I've determined that Cozumel in Independence is where I want to eat if I'm craving Mexican food. That doesn't mean that I won't try other restaurants...which led "R" and I to trying El Tolteca Mexican Grill in Brooklyn recently.

It's conveniently located in the same plaza as one of the Giant Eagle stores that we shop at, and it's just a short drive down the street from the Ridge Park Square shopping plaza. We're in that area running errands often, so a good non-chain restaurant option would be perfect for us. Unfortunately, this was my first, and last, visit to this restaurant.

The atmosphere is like any other American-Mexican restaurant around. Plenty of booth and table seating, bright colors, and cheesy decorations. We were seated and waited upon right away, and service was always attentive and speedy. It really just came down to the food, which was some of the worst Mexican that I've had around here.

I ordered the NO. 7 Combination Platter ($6.25) with one enchilada, chile relleno, Mexican rice and fried beans.
The ground beef in the enchilada was dry and bland, and the sauce was pretty standard. The rice and beans were fine, but should they be the best thing on the plate? No. The real kicker was the chili relleno, which is a dish that I typically love. This version was a tiny slab of undercooked green pepper, the same bland and dry ground beef, and it was just a huge disappointment. Where is my roasted pepper that is stuffed with delicious meat and cheese before being battered in egg and deep fried? This was a far cry from what a traditional chili relleno is supposed to be, and a terrible version at that. That poor excuse for a pepper is reason alone for me not to return.

So, I've been to Cozumel, Jalapenos, and Don Ramon's (gave me food poisoning). This list does not include burrito restaurants like Chili Peppers and Ohio City Burrito. Any other Mexican restaurants that I should try locally?

El Tolteca Mexican Grill
7106 Biddulph Road
Brooklyn, OH 44144


All Lacquered Up said...

La Fiesta by the Richmond Mall is one of my faves in the area. Their mole is delicious. If you ever want to go, I'm in.

Plus I heard they expanded, adding a fast casual version next door.

Laura B. said...

Momocho's in Cleveland (great happy hour in the bar) and el carnicero in Lakewood. (try sikil pak and carnitas tamales)

Jessica @ Anchored in CLE said...

There's a place in Middleburg Heights, off of Pearl Road by Giant Eagle that I thought was pretty good - but is probably similar to many other mexican restaurants in terms of atmosphere & decor. I think it's called El Rodeo... and their website indicates 2 other locations in North Olmsted & Westlake. Oh also, if you're in the area... there's a place in Elyria called El Patron Mexican Restaurant (in Chestnut Commons). Again similar atmosphere, but we liked the food.

Anonymous said...

I live right around the corner from this and I was so excited when they opened since I love Mexican. We went once and I agree it was horrible and we will never go back.