Saturday, August 17, 2013

Grilled Corn

Cooking out this weekend? Why not throw some corn on the cob on the grill? It's one of my favorite summer foods, and we just don't eat it enough because "R" hates getting the little pieces stuck in his teeth. I've even bought him one of those silly corn shavers to entice him into eating it more. He's used it once.

But, I was able to convince him last week to pick up some corn on the cob from Szalay's Farm. We were grilling out that night, and it was a perfect compliment to what we were already planning. Plus, I wanted to try a grilling technique that my mom had been raving about.

Cuisine at Home magazine is our favorite recipe subscription, and I purchased a subscription for my mom a while back. Now, she's hooked as well. We've never made a bad dish from this magazine. There isn't much clutter or ads in the magazine, which we love. Just great (and mostly easy) recipes, and some solid techniques and tips thrown in there. My mom had found one tip for grilling corn on the cob, and they've been using this technique all summer long. It was our turn to give it a try.

1. Husk the corn.
2. Wrap each corn on the cob in tin foil, adding three ice cubes to each packet, and wrap it with three layers. (Add seasoning if you'd like, but it mostly steams off. We also substituted a teaspoon of butter for one of the ice cubes in each packet.)
3. Grill for 10-12 minutes.
I have to say, it came out great! It was much quicker than some other methods that we've used. "R" said that he'd like to use this method, grilling it for 8-10 minutes, and then take them out of the foil and place them directly on the grill to give it some more smokiness.

What's your method of grilling corn on the cob?