Sunday, August 25, 2013

Washington Street Diner

Two weekends ago, "R" and I had some errands to run on the east side. So, we decided to try and find a breakfast spot close to where we needed to be. With some help from Urbanspoon, we stumbled upon the Washington Street Diner in Chagrin Falls.

It was your typical greasy diner, located in a small strip of businesses, with a shabby interior and the delicious smells of breakfast. Unless we're dining at a fancier brunch restaurant, I'm so boring and just order the same thing at every diner. Two eggs, over-medium, with wheat toast and bacon. Sometimes I'll splurge on hash browns or homefries. My meal was perfectly acceptable, and I really liked their multi-grain toast.

"R" had a harder time choosing, and several of the more interesting breakfast creations sounded good. He finally decided on the Breakfast Enchilada.
It was only okay. It was missing the sour cream that the menu listed as one of the ingredients, and the chorizo was sliced into large pieces from a cased sausage. I think "R" was a little disappointed, and from the looks of it--- I didn't even bother with a bite.

I love a good, greasy, dive diner...but this one just isn't worth returning to for us.

Washington Street Diner
8233 Washington St
Chagrin Falls, OH 44023