Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Trip to Cafe Miami

And I do mean a "trip"...

A picture is worth a thousand words, and I just couldn't stop snapping.
Located in Old Brooklyn on State Road, we had literally driven by this restaurant on a weekly basis and had no idea that it existed. The Café Miami signage is a little hidden by the awnings, and there is a giant mural on the side of the building next to it that is very distracting. Our focus was always elsewhere, and we totally missed this.

As soon as I entered, I couldn't wipe the grin from my face. It had such character, and there was so much to look at.
The owner/cook, Larry, is a collector, and everything in the restaurant is for sale.
This guy kept us company from the plant next to our table.
The dining room was small and charming, and there is also limited seating at a counter when you enter the restaurant.
That would provide you with a front-row seat to the banter from the kitchen, which sounded entertaining at times.

As soon as we were seated, two homemade chocolate cupcakes arrived at the table, compliments of the cook.
"R" was not complaining about the sweet start to the morning.

We both ordered omelets. I went with the Cheese Lover ($5.50). Dining Deals Alert!
It came with a side of toast and hashbrowns. I added a side of bacon for $3.

The menu isn't large, and the item descriptions are pretty vague. We overheard a server talking to another table about a cornbread waffle with sausage gravy. Umm, if that exists..."R" wants it!
My omelet was okay. The cheese was clearly just American. It was also melted inside, but the slices on top left a slimy texture in my mouth that can only come from processed cheese. I could have done without the top layer, and it probably would have been a darn good omelet.

The restaurant was a hoot, and I just pretended that I didn't see someone else's breakfast leftover on my cloth placemat. Our server, Crystal, was attentive and pleasant, giving us some history on the place. For the entertainment factor alone, she got a good tip that day.

I think we'll be back.

Café Miami
4517 State Road
Cleveland, OH 44109


eatdrinkcleveland said...

What a wacky place - looks like fun!