Thursday, January 30, 2014

Miega Korean BBQ

One of the last places that I hit on my 2013 To Dine Challenge was Miega Korean BBQ. It also ended up being one of my favorite restaurants from the list. Luckily, I had two friends that were willing to join me for lunch. It was quite the fun excursion!

It wasn't as easy to find as I had hoped. It is one of several businesses (including a huge Asian market that I must go back and visit) located in a renovated factory building in the heart of Cleveland's AsiaTown. My GPS has just dumped me on the street about half a block down from the actual building. It is on the second floor, with signage in the windows. Parking is free in the large parking lot.

I admittedly struggle with most Asian cuisines. Often, I don't know what the menu items are (poor descriptions, in many cases), and I hesitate to jump in and order something that I haven't had before. Korean is something that I haven't had a lot of, so I headed to social media (and a text to a friend) before the trip. My friend had a great suggestion, and luckily Foursquare echoed his recommendation at Miega.

But, before that, I started with an order of the Pa Jun ($9.95)- a Korean-style pancake with spring onions and kimchi.
It was a tad greasy, but heavenly. The soy dipping sauce was great with the kimchi and green onions.

An assortment of side dishes appear with any order. The selections change, but it's always something fun to add to your meal. Also, each lunch order included a small bowl of soup (that none of us touched- so much food!).
Now, here's what I ordered for lunch. I got the Dol Sot Bi Bim Bop ($9.95)- rice topped with vegetables, meat, red pepper paste, and served in a hot stone pot. Does anyone else get creeped out when menus list it as just "meat" when other items include beef, duck, chicken in the description?
It arrives deconstructed with a raw egg on top, and piping hot. You stir together all of the components, while the clay pot crisps the rice, heats the vegetables, and cooks the egg. Add in some hot sauce, and this is what you get:
It was so delicious! The best part was the crispy rice that had browned right up from the heat of the pot. Still no idea what the "meat" was. I'm hoping beef, since it was brown in color.

Based on this first experience, I would love to dine there again. I'd like to try one of the dishes where they cook the meat tableside.

Have you ever had Korean food? What's your favorite dish?

Miega Korean Barbaque
3820 Superior Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44114


eatdrinkcleveland said...

Yum yum yum - the food was dee-lish and lunch was fun...and long!

Unknown said...

I enjoy Korean food at Miega. I recommend you try the mul naengmyeon if you go back. I just recently moved to Cleveland and stumbled across your blog. Thanks for the awesome reviews!