Monday, March 24, 2014

Dessert Bar in Fairlawn

"R" and I spent a lot of time in the Akron area this weekend, without really meaning to. I am a busy person. My work and personal life keep me out many nights of the week. I work from home. So, when I have an entire week of no evening commitments, and I'm in the house all week, I tend to get a little stir-crazy by Friday. This past week was a prime example. By the time "R" got home from work on Friday, I was literally bouncing off of the walls, and begging him to hurry and get ready so that we could go somewhere. To do something, anything.

We decided to head towards Akron to do some exploring. Our first destination was Quaker Square, but that turned out to be lame. So, then we needed a dinner plan. I looked to Twitter, and my tweeps did not disappoint. A flurry of suggestions came in, and we headed to the Diamond Grille. But, more on that later this week.

This blog post is about dessert. We were craving something sweet after dinner, but couldn't think of anything in the area (or on the way home) that wasn't ice cream. I happened to see a big billboard as we driving for the Dessert Bar. They were closed, but it peaked my interest.

On Sunday, we also found ourselves in the Akron area. I was on the hunt for a patterned armchair for our sunroom. I've struck out everywhere that we've looked in Cleveland (and now Akron). Any suggestions? Anyway, we ate a big brunch, so we weren't really hungry for lunch later in the afternoon. Something sweet sounded great though! Wouldn't you know it, but we drove right by the same billboard again. It prompted me to Google Dessert Bar, and it was just minutes away.
This small little bakery/cafe is connected to a Circle K in Fairlawn. Do you know what this means? I finally got to try Lawson's chip dip, and cross one item off of my Cleveland Bucket List!
I digress....

Dessert Bar was pretty picked over by Sunday afternoon, but they still had plenty of cupcake choices, two types of brownies, and a few other pastries/cakes.
"R" tried the Turtle Cupcake. The frosting was piled high, very dense, and too sugary-sweet for my taste. However, the chocolate cake itself was moist and quite good. I went for the Chocolate Chocolate Brownie with chocolate chunks in the brownie. Again, very dense and gooey, and not too chocolately. It hit the spot.

They also have a lunch menu of salads, sandwiches, and sides. Catering is also available from Dessert Bar.

It was a fun little find, and that billboard was sure worth the investment! It caught our attention twice. They've only been there a couple of months, so hopefully the marketing dollars will pay off and they'll do well. Check them out.

Dessert Bar
11 S. Cleveland Massillon Road
Fairlawn, OH 44333


eatdrinkcleveland said...

Oh my gosh! You finally got to try Lawson's Chip Dip!! What did you think?

Bite Buff said...

It was good, but a little thin compares to others that I like.