Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Orlando Baking Co. True Grains

I don't do many product reviews for the blog, but when Orlando Baking Co. contacted me to see if I would be interested in sampling their True Grains products, I decided to take them up on the offer. Orlando Baking Co. is celebrating 140 years in business, and have been a local Cleveland business since 1904 when part of the family moved over from Italy. They are truly community-oriented, and give back to Cleveland in many ways. I've had several of their products over the years, and they put out some great bread!

They sent me three varieties of their True Grains 100% Whole Grain Bread.
First, their Seed'licious, which is America's First Probiotic Bread. It is textured with flax seed, sunflower seeds, chai seeds, and millet. It is made with probiotic cultures that promote digestive health, and is a good source of Omega 3. Now, you may be thinking "How could that taste good?" But, it does! This was our favorite bread of the three. It disappeared pretty quickly in our house. One day, I enjoyed a veggie and mozzarella sandwich on it.
It held up well, and kept my sandwich in tact.

Next, we had the Purple Wheat Raisin Bread, with the same nutrients as blueberries. It is a low-fat bread with a sweet, nutty taste, and rich nutrients give it a slight purple color. It contains anthocyanins. This antioxidant is being studied for its efficiency in fighting cancer, heart disease, and age-related conditions in the brain. All I know is that it tasted so good! This bread made for a great breakfast treat.
The last bread that they sent to me was the Honey Grain. It contains 24 mg of DHA Omega 3 per serving, and Omega 3 promotes cardiovascular health. This bread ended up being our least favorite of the three. It didn't have a unique flavor like the other two, and I've had better-tasting honey wheat bread before.

All three of the breads were dense and hearty, in a good way. They held up well, no matter what we were using them for. I did notice that they started to mold faster than other breads we've had in the house. But, that just means that it's better for you. So many bread products out there use harmful chemicals to extend shelf-life. I just hated throwing away bread that had started to turn.

Orlando's products can be found throughout the Midwest, with a lengthy list of stores in Ohio posted on their website. Some big name stores in Cleveland are Giant Eagle, Heinen's, Dave's Supermarkets, Marc's, and even BJ's and Sam's Clubs.

Have you tried any of their True Grains breads? What is your favorite Orlando Baking Co. product?

Disclosure: I was provided with three loaves of bread as samples in exchange for this post. All opinions posted are 100% my own. Thank you to Orlando Baking Co. for the opportunity to sample the product and share my thoughts with my readers.