Thursday, March 6, 2014

Petti's Pizzaburger

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It was nearing the end of February, and I realized that I hadn't been to any of the 2014 To Dine Challenge restaurants yet. Yikes! I think by the end of March last year, I had completed four or five. "R" and I had to hop to it. Now, I've been to two. Also, Phat Daddy's Kitchen has moved out of their rented kitchen, with no plans announced for re-opening. What to do? Should I vote in a replacement? I'm destined to never completed my To Dine Challenge. Ugh.


A snowy night and a last-minute evening errand to run on the east side last week brought us to one of the Challenge restaurants- Petti's Pizza & Ristorante in Wickliffe. We were on a single mission for this restaurant- Try the Pizzaburger ($5.75).
An ooey-gooey heart attack on a plate. A sausage patty sandwiched in between two slices of homemade pizza.
It tasted just like you would imagine it should. My only complaint? More seasoning in the sausage patty or pizza sauce would make this sandwich stand out for its flavor, and not just the novelty of it.

I knew what was ahead, so I had loaded up on their Spinach Salad ($6.65) first.
It was more of a platter than a plate, but it did the trick and filled me up. I only ate half of the pizzaburger, and took the other half home for some delicious leftovers the next day. They have several salad options, including a build-your-own. Nothing special about the salad contents or dressings, but at least there's a healthy option to build a meal around.

The restaurant is very kitschy, with plenty of classic-Italian red, checkers, and some fake plants and plastic tablecloths thrown in.
Our server was very friendly and attentive, and the food arrived quickly. There is a large parking lot connected to the restaurant, so finding a close spot as the snow fell was easy.

If the sheet pizza slices in the pizzaburger were any indication of what their homemade pizzas are like, I bet that they are fantastic. I'd like to try one. Several of the entrees and specials that night sounded appealing as well. But, we were there on a mission, and...Mission Accomplished.

Petti's Pizza & Ristorante
29303 Euclid Avenue
Wickliffe, OH 44092