Monday, May 19, 2014

Mitchell's Ice Cream

It was a very busy weekend, packed with work obligations, and very little "down" time to ourselves. We did have a few hours on Sunday, after cheering for Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon runners and before a fundraising dinner, so we poked around Ohio City on our way home.

Our first stop was the newly opened Mitchell's Ice Cream on West 25th Street.
The bright and airy shop is so welcoming, with great people-watching views of the street. A long cooler offers free tastes, and many options to choose from. I sampled Caramel Sea Salt, Tiramisu, Cake Batter, and finally decided on one scoop of Toasted Pistachio.
It was a full "one scoop" and more than enough ice cream for this non-sweets lover. "R" deemed the Pistachio flavor "weird", but I loved it.

You can also purchase their ice creams and frozen yogurts by the pint, displayed in a very tempting cooler by the register.
After five hours of cheering out on the course, it was a perfect frozen treat. We took it to go, and walked the streets of Ohio City, soaking in the sun.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Mitchell's! A long-awaited addition to the area, and I think they'll do well in this location.

From their website: "Fresh, Local, Wholesome. We start with farm-fresh dairy, grass-fed and raised on family farms. Our farmers care for their cows without the use of artificial hormones or antibiotics. We work with other local family partners like Lake Erie Creamery, Hillson Nuts, Hartzler Family Dairy, Woolf Fruit Farm, and the McDonald family maple sugarbush. These ingredients couldn’t come to us any fresher, and we think you can taste this in every bite of our ice cream. In buying our coffees, chocolates, vanillas, and tropical fruits, we partner with growers and producers who are both sustainable-minded and committed to the finest quality. As these ingredients arrive fresh in our Rocky River kitchen, we set out—one small batch at a time—to mix, cook, bake, and craft them into the most delicious and interesting ice creams you’ll find anywhere, right here in and for the city we’ve loved all our lives. countryside of Holmes and Wayne counties an hour away."

What's your favorite Mitchell's flavor? Also, you can view production at this location, and they have private event spaces upstairs.

Mitchell's Ice Cream (multiple locations)
1867 West 25th Street
Cleveland, OH


All Lacquered Up said...

Their Edmund Fitzgerald flavor is one of my faves asking with the seasonal Christmas Ale. Also, if you buy a pint to go, they will give you sugar/cake cones for home.

Bite Buff said...

Love that! Thanks for the tip, Michelle.

Unknown said...

Mitchell's butter pecan is probably my favorite ice cream of all time! If you're not a sweets person, it might be too rich though - they definitely don't skimp on the butter! Can't wait to check out the Ohio City location...

Anonymous said...

I love their Buckeye sundae - made with peanut butter chocolate chunk ice cream with hunks of chocolate that you can tell were hot when it went in and froze, hot fudge, chocolate shavings and real whipped cream. I order it whenever I need a pick-me-up.