Monday, August 4, 2014

Steve's Diner

While my favorite diner in our neighborhood continues to be Gus's Family Restaurant on State Road, I do love checking out other diners to see if they compare. This led "R" and I to Steve's Diner in the Biddulph Plaza recently.
There is a ton of free parking in the large lot in front of the restaurant. It is located in the Biddulph Plaza strip, right by the Giant Eagle.

Inside, it is inviting, clean, and much nicer than many of the dive diners I've been into. There are plenty of tables, a few booths, and a long counter for seating.
Known for the hot dogs and breakfast food, it's your classic diner menu with several lunch options as well. "R" ended up with a skillet that was so-so, and I went right for my standard breakfast of two eggs over-medium, wheat toast and bacon. This platter also included hash browns. I wish that it hadn't, because these were by far the worst that I've ever had. Waaaay under-cooked, bordering on raw, and lacking any seasoning at all.
The rest of the food didn't get much better. The toast was pathetic, and eggs slightly over-cooked.

A very disappointing meal overall.

Steve's Diner
6850 Biddulph Plaza
Cleveland, OH

Second location at 5004 Lorain Avenue.