Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bella Pizza

You guys, I have a new toy and I'm totally in love! I am the proud owner of an electric bicycle. I can pedal it like a regular bicycle, use pedal-assist in three different gears to give me an extra boost up hills or when "R" is leaving me in the dust, or full throttle mode with no pedaling. It also helps that it's super cute! Which is important, duh. 
We've been zipping all over town the last two weeks, hitting up farmers markets, the grocery store, Home Depot, brunch at Lucky's Cafe...

It even led to an impromptu dining adventure last week. We were out for just a ride, and came across Bella Pizza. One thing that I'm loving about the new bike is that we're getting to know our neighborhood much better. Bella's is just a couple of miles from our house, and it's never caught my eye from the car.
Boasting "Voted People's Choice" for Best Wings and Pizza on signage outside, we decided that we must try it out.

The place is tiny inside, and looks and feels like your typical take-out pizza joint. Nothing fancy. However, they do have a handful of rickety tables for dining in. Just don't plan on eating there on a scorching hot day like we did, because they don't have air conditioning! Or bottled water (they were out).

The small pizza that we ordered only took 15 minutes.
Excuse the box, they didn't realize we were dining in. 

Oddly, the toppings didn't seem to be cooked very much. Personally, I would have preferred that they were cooked through a bit more. However, the pizza was piping hot, and the crust was very good. It was that perfect blend of a slightly crispy base to hold up well against the weight of toppings and gooey, greasy cheese, but still plump and doughy. It hit the spot.

Since we rode our bikes there, it negates the calories of the pizza. Right? Just kidding.

Stay tuned for other Old Brooklyn explorations as we keep riding.

Bella Pizza
4830 Memphis Avenue
Cleveland, OH


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