Monday, October 27, 2014

Crop Kitchen Opens!

Chef Partners Steve Schimoler (Crop Bistro owner) and Matt Anderson (formerly of Umami Asian Kitchen) have opened the doors of the new Crop Kitchen in the east-side Uptown neighborhood.

The menu feels like a blend of the two, with some familiar Crop Bistro (sister restaurant in the Ohio City neighborhood) specialties, with sushi and a few crowd favorites from Umami sprinkled in. We saw Crop's signature Cherry Bombs and Popcorn, and Umami's Goat Cheese Dumplings ($8), just to name a few.
We had perched ourselves at the "chef's table" sushi bar this weekend, and had a great view of the workings of the kitchen, and a front-row seat to the sushi rolling.
As "R" stated, "I wouldn't want someone staring at me while I worked." Yes, this open-kitchen layout certainly puts all eyes on the staff, but it was pure fun to watch them work. We also had a chance to chat with Chef Matt, whom I've known since I moved to Cleveland almost seven years ago. We joked about the fact that Umami's entire restaurant could fit into the size of the new Crop's kitchen space. I'm sure it's going to take some getting used to, but he was handling it well.

Matt rolled us a complimentary Salmon and Goat Cheese roll (all rolls are $10), and we also ordered some sashimi later on (3 pieces for $12).
For now, the restaurant is offering three kinds of rolls, and three kinds of sashimi, with plans to expand that section of the menu later.

It doesn't feel like the restaurant changed too much in the layout from the previous restaurant's concept (actually, look up at the ceiling to still see the Accent letters), but Crop has certainly put its signature stamp on the place in some ways. Warmer colors, food art on the wall, and playful accents like these colander lamps.
The cocktail menu also has several tempting choices. I just had a glass of wine, but "R" went for the Mr. Figgy with fig-infused bourbon, sweet Vermouth, maple bitters, and bruleed bacon.
I stole a bite of the bacon, and it was divine.

Welcome to Uptown, Crop Kitchen! We'll be back for more.

Crop Kitchen
11460 Uptown Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44106


Bite Buff said...

Crop Kitchen has closed. 7/27/16