Tuesday, November 18, 2014

La Kabob

The end of the calendar year is looming, and that means that I need to wrap up my 2014 To Dine challenge. With six restaurants left, the list was looking a little daunting. I'm going to call it...I probably won't complete it this year. Thanksgiving, our wedding, and holiday travel plans are going to limit the amount of time I have left this year. All good things, that we're really looking forward to.

However, I did accomplish dining at three over the last few weeks!

Today, I want to share a recent lunch at La Kabob Lebanese Grill on Pearl Road in Strongsville.
They've won quite a few awards and honorable mentions through local media outlets. This family-owned business opened in 2011, and has been recognized for having some of the best Lebanese cuisine around.

It's a casual atmosphere, with an ordering counter as you enter. Once your order is placed (but you pay after your meal), there are several tables and high tops around. I imagine that they do a lot of takeout as well.
I ordered the Beef Shawarma Wrap, with slices of seasoned beef, onions, Mediterranean pickles, tomatoes and lettuce ($6.45). It was topped with tahini dressing and wrapped in a pita, then toasted.
"R" and I also shared an order of the Stuffed Grape Leaves ($5.45).
The wrap was full of flavor, and I loved the addition of the pickles, but it was really wet and messy to eat. That took away from the pleasure of the flavor. The grape leaves were some of the best that I've had around Cleveland. A lemon wedge would have been nice, for a squirt of citrus, but otherwise I couldn't think of other grape leaves that I've preferred.

The only real disappointment of the meal was "R's" Gyro ($5.95). It was pretty average, and not worth ordering.

We literally stumbled upon this restaurant, as we were driving down Pearl Road, while doing some errands this past weekend. We were looking for a quick lunch, and their sign in the strip of businesses just happened to catch my eye. It wasn't a planned 2014 To Dine adventure, but I'm happy that it happened. I don't know that I'd drive to Strongsville for it, but it was certainly good and I'd recommend it.

La Kabob Lebanese Grill
14228 Pearl Road
Strongsville, OH 44136