Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Wedded Bliss

I'm back, and I'm a MRS.

It was an absolutely amazing three days, spent with family and friends and enjoying every minute of our wedding weekend. I'll be posting more later about the wedding at Cibreo Privato and our memorable Rehearsal Dinner at Urban Farmer, but for now, I'm just basking in the glow of the memory of the weekend and the fact that I (finally) married the love of my life.

Marriage looks good on us. I even had the urge to cook last night. Who am I? I decided to surprise my new husband by cooking dinner. By the way, I think he needs an "upgrade" here on the blog now. I shall call him "Mr. H." 

I started with an appetizer of Goat Cheese Crostini, with orange/tarragon goat cheese, fig jam, and fresh basil leaves rolled in proscuitto. They were wonderful, and Mr. H declared that I must make them for our annual Christmas "appetizers night" at the Marshall household this year.
I served them on our wedding platter. Instead of a traditional guest book, we had our guests sign a ceramic platter with paint markers. I baked it yesterday, and now it's ready for use! What a special way to continue to relive our wedding day, and much more practical for our lives than a standard guest book we'd tuck away in storage.

Then, I attempted a main course of some Lemon Ohio City Pasta Linguine with a Roasted Garlic and Chive Butter, sauteed vegetables, and shrimp. All courtesy of shopping at the West Side Market.
The squash was overcooked a little, but otherwise, I even surprised myself at how good this turned out. Maybe there is hope for me after all? Ohio City Pasta certainly makes it easy to look good in the kitchen, with their wonderful pasta flavors and a variety of sauces and butters to mix it with.

We ended with some leftover wedding cake. We had two cakes at our wedding, both from A Cookie and A Cupcake in Tremont. They've always been my favorite place to get cupcakes from, with their light and creamy butter-cream frosting. But, they even exceeded my high expectations on these cakes.

I had designed a traditional wedding cake with them, and I think it was even more beautiful in-person than I had hoped for. I think it's the most stunning wedding cake I've ever seen, but I am biased. It helped that the German Chocolate was just as delicious as it was pretty!
Our second cake was a surprise, to me. Mr. H had secretly worked with the bakery to create a custom cake that truly reflected "us." I present, the Round House Bar...
If you've ever been to Put-in-Bay, then you'd recognize this simply by the design. Well, we met there over seven years ago, and the bar will always hold a special place in our hearts. It was very fitting to have it represented during our wedding. Now, if I only hadn't blown the reveal by wandering into the reception area on my own to check on the set-up of the room...

The Round House cake was Salted Caramel, and the design and flavor stole the show that night.

Enjoying some leftover cake last night was a perfect ending to our first night home as a married couple. I could get used to this married life...

Thanks for all of your well wishes through social media! It was the best weekend of my life, and one that I'll never forget. We feel so loved, and fortunate.


Ben said...

Congratulations and best wishes, Katrina! It sounds like you made a very good dinner for the two of you--those crostini look especially tasty! Thanks as well for continuing to post and keep us informed on new restaurants. Sarah and I have been slacking...

Bite Buff said...

Thank you, Ben! Happy New Year. Blogging certainly comes and goes. I do miss your posts, so hopefully blogging makes its way back into your life.