Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mom's Family Restaurant

On Saturday morning, Mr. H and I were on the hunt for a new-to-us diner experience. I'm all for a fancy brunch meal, but sometimes a greasy, classic diner breakfast just hits the spot.

We didn't have a destination in mind, and just started driving. You know those places that you drive by frequently, but you've never been into? Well, we finally checked one of those out. To get over to the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood, we often head down Denison Avenue and take 65th Street to cut over. Mom's Family Restaurant has always stuck out as we drove by, and that's exactly where we ended up on Saturday.
It's a rather large, brown building on the corner of West 65th Street and Clark Avenue. It has a good-sized parking lot in front of the building, and additional free parking next door.

The diner is nothing special to look at inside, but it certainly has that hole-in-the-wall diner charm. Ripped booth seats, cracked ceiling from water damage, wobbly has it all.
We were pleasantly greeted, and encouraged to sit anywhere that we liked.

The menu has all of your standard diner breakfast and lunch fare.
I decided that I was in the mood for French Toast, so I went with the Rise and Shine. It included French Toast, two eggs cooked my way, bacon, and sausage. Dining Deals Alert!
The food was completely acceptable, and fulfilled our desire for a classic diner breakfast. Mr. H even declared his Veggie Omelet as one of the better ones he's had at a local diner. His side of Sausage Gravy was above average in terms of flavor and texture, and his meal overall was really enjoyable.

We really only ran into trouble when it came to the drinks. We both ordered coffee and water when we arrived. Man, that was the WORST tasting water that I've ever been served. Now I understand why they have a cooler of $1 bottled water behind the counter. There was no way that I could drink that with my meal, so I ordered a small Orange Juice. Yikes, it wasn't quite as bad as the water, but it was almost un-drinkable as well. It had that fake taste of Tang to it.

Based on the drink situation alone, I wouldn't return to this diner. With all of the other options out there, we'll move on to another.

Mom's Family Restaurant
6512 Clark Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44102