Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Gigi's on Fairmount

Only two things could have dragged me out in last Wednesday's snow storm...really good friends, and the possibility of a good meal at a new-to-me restaurant. With the intention of knocking another restaurant off of the 2015 To Dine challenge, I ventured to the east side in one of the worst snow storms of this winter. It took me just over an hour to go the 11.5 miles there, but luckily, it was worth it.

I still have no frame of reference for exactly where I was in Cleveland Heights, because it was a giant white snow globe of an evening, but my trusty GPS landed me in front of the restaurant. There is some street parking available on the one-way street, and parking lots behind the buildings. I trudged through the snow and wind, and was instantly comforted upon walking through Gigi's on Fairmount's door. The place is intimate, cozy, and dark, in all of the right ways.
Any place where I can sit under a glittering chandelier gets points in my book!
The restaurant offers a couple of homemade soup options each day. My two friends each started with a bowl of soup, which was pretty tempting on that snowy night. Instead, I ordered the Fromage from the Small Bites section for us to share.
It had a nice variety of cheeses, some toasted bread, fresh greens, preserves, dried fruit, honey, and nuts ($16). The Small Bites are all very easy to share, and you can also opt for the "All of the Above" for $24, if you want to try a little bit of everything.

They have several Salads and Panini sandwiches on the menu, along with daily entree specials, but Gigi's is really known for their Signature Bruschetta Boards. For $17, you select four (out of 15) options for your board.

I went with the (right to left) Mushroom, Caramelized Onion, and Chevre bruschetta, the White Bean and Kalamative Olive Tapenade bruschetta, the Duck, Brie, and Cherry Gastrique bruschetta, and the Lardon Bacon, Micro Greens, Tomato, and House Truffle Aioli bruschetta.
I loved the earthy mushroom bruschetta, and was completely shocked by how good the white bean bruschetta was. They quickly became my two favorites. The bacon and tomato bruschetta was fine, but nothing special. I'd try several others before ordering that one again. The only one that I didn't care for was the duck. It was very one-note in flavor, and I didn't like the flavor. It needed more cherry, and the brie was almost non-existent. I wouldn't order that particular one again.

The boards come with a small side of dressed greens. Overall, it was wonderful, and really unique. A great way to share items, since they are each cut into four pieces, or you can build your own board and keep it yourself.

Gigi's on Fairmount is a small place, but they have a lounge area that is connected to the main dining room. With a long bar and some additional seating, you can settle in there, or hang out with a cocktail while you wait for a table. Do note that they don't accept reservations. 

The menu is limited, but unique, and perfect for a date night out or a gathering with your friends. Mr. H would like the bruschetta, and the wine list, so I think that I'll have to take him there soon. It was well worth the drive over to the east side, even in that terrible snow storm. Which really says something!

Gigi's on Fairmount
3477 Fairmount Boulevard
Cleveland Heights, OH


bonnjill said...

Gigi's has amazing soup. I keep meaning to get back there. Going there when it's really snowing is a good idea because I might actually be able to find a parking space close by. Glad you enjoyed it.