Friday, April 10, 2015

Catanese Classic Seafood

Today I want to talk about the raw tuna that I featured in Wednesday's blog post.

When we got back to Cleveland from Costa Rica, we were still craving seafood and wanted to recreate a couple of the fish dishes that we had at the resort. Not an easy task in the Greater Cleveland area, in my opinion. We've had good luck with the West Side Market and Whole Foods, two terrible experiences with the fish at the Brecksville Heinen's, and you can just forget about the seafood department at the local Giant Eagle that we shop at frequently. So, I turned to one of my favorite local chefs, and his answer was...Catanese Classic Seafood in The Flats.

What? Huh? 

I'm familiar with their stand at the West Side Market, but I never knew that they had a large processing center and retail store in The Flats. They are now in the former State Fish Company location. The new(ish) location for them isn't that old, and it seems to be a best-kept secret.
Or, maybe just from me, but just in case, I had to share this new discovery with you.

They are located on Merwin Avenue on the east bank. The retail shop is open Tuesday - Friday from 10:00AM - 5:00PM, and Saturday from 8:00AM - Noon. Slightly more convenient than the West Side Market stand.

They have a section of shelves with dry goods and sauces displayed just inside the door.
Two walls of frozen items (only a small section pictured).
Finally, a case of fresh fish, both whole and not.
That day, we picked up tuna to eat raw (so I needed to trust my source!) and a couple of lobster tails.

This lobster-lover also fell in love with this poster by the register...
I see a lot of trips here in our future.

So, was I the only one unaware of this source for seafood and fresh fish?

Catanese Classic Seafood
1600 Merwin Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44113