Monday, April 27, 2015

George's Kitchen

Mr. H and I have been on a diner kick on the weekends recently, with a quest to try new-to-us spots. Twice, recently, that quest drew us to the West Park area of Cleveland. Not by design, just simple dumb luck. One diner, we enjoyed, and one I could do without.

Our first diner trip was to George's Kitchen on Triskett Road.
Apparently, it is a popular neighborhood spot, because not only was the line quite long and the wait quite lengthy, but my Instagram posts that morning got a lot of comments/likes. I wish that we could share the same enthusiasm, but we really didn't care for it.

I ordered my standard, eggs over-medium with wheat toast, bacon, and hash browns.
The toast was hard and dry, eggs under-cooked, and the potatoes were woefully close to raw. They might have been the worst ones that I've had in a while. Mr. H's corned beef hash omelet was only average, and the meal didn't leave either us wanting more.

Two things to mention, though. Some of the lunch food walking by us looked really appealing. We were only provided with the breakfast menu; although them seemed to be serving both. Also, I had heard that the servers don't write down your order, and that they go call it out over a microphone into the kitchen. It's kind of fun to watch!
The place was huge, compared to most diners. We were seated in the smaller, front area of the restaurant (pictured below), but there was a large dining room as well.
So, it seems like many of you have been to George's Kitchen before. What have you ordered? I don't know that this experience could draw us back there, when there are so many other places to try.

Do you have a favorite diner in your neighborhood that we should visit next?

George's Kitchen
13101 Triskett Road
Cleveland, OH